My first attempt to terrain tools ever!

:wave: Howdy developers! I’m known for making all kinds of buildings with parts and sometimes models made in blender, therefore, I’ve always been unfamiliar with the terrain tools… In the past 3 days though, I challenged myself to try and learn the terrain tools, so then I can make a showcase featuring a new build of mine, as well as terrain.

Images of my first attempt to terrain tools :

That’s about it! I have some experience in environmental design & lightning so I did my best to make this as realistic as I could with a touch of rain achievable via a rain plugin I use. Everything you see here terrain wise was made manually with the :

  • Grow & Erode tools.
  • Smooth.
  • Paint.
  • Grass decoration.
  • Changes to the default terrain material colors.

Thank you for your time! Let me know what do you think! I’d really appreciate some feedback as this is my first time experimenting with the terrain tools!

Have a nice day!


Nice job, @Bloxquility. I really like what you have created using Terrain Tools.

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Its looks nice, I could never do something with terrain lol.

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Really impressive!! I love the scenery and the affect the rain adds! :smile:

The random columns of stone protruding from the ground look unnatural and weird, but the mountains are good. I’d say its more of the effects (sunrays, fog, sky, etc) that make the screenshots look good rather than the terrain.

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Thank you for your feedback. I lowkey agree with you, though I wanted to experiment some different things so I thought the columns of stone looked cool… From my point of view lightning is what makes terrain look good, what I made looks horrible without lightning effects haha… This is how it looks with default lightning :

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Not gonna lie, still looks pretty awesome! :grinning: How did you do that lighting effect? :woozy_face:

That’s nice , the lighting effects are pretty smooth

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