My first custom rig! Any advice on attack animations?

I’m currently working on a medieval/fantasy project. I’ve come up with many ideas for monsters and this was the first one I capitalized on. It’s a basic stone golem but it’s my first ever custom rig. What do you think? I’m new to animation and I have no knowledge of scripting. I was wondering if anyone had tips on making attack animations for it mainly for practice. I’m still hovering over an idea for a game. If you’d like to check it out, click the link below! It showcases the map and this rig I have here. Thank you!


The character design looks really epic, the animation, however, looks kinda dull, you can try some idle movement such as the head look around or maybe the hands swinging side to side.

Since this is a stone golem, the attack animation probably hands slam at the ground to create some kind of magic (such as a tsunami), try not to make the animation look robotic and make it, you know, more natural, by having more motion at the hands, feet and other joints.

You can record yourself doing an attack pose, and use that as a reference so you can create the attack (or any) animations easier. (That works for me though)

Anyway, good luck with your project.


I’ll try that! Thank you! Completely new to animation, these things take a while!

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