My first EVER Roblox GFX

Yea thanks. I am not a GFX designer you can see from my flair and title I am a scripter and UI Designer so GFX making not my type… But yea I will improve that but one thing I NEED TO IMPORVE is the character poses. cuz its too stiff yknow? and yes you too have a excellent day! or night or evening.


I agree with you, you could try using dynamic poses as a practice. Finding references will really do the trick.
It’s really nice seeing people try new and different things, keep it up buddy! :happy3:


This isn’t a GFX.

A GFX isn’t a low resolution screenshot from Roblox Studio. A GFX (graphic) is a 3D rendered image from software such as blender using appropriate tools.

Anyway, feedback on your “GFX”, it’s bad. The poses are stiff and unrealistic, and they simply look like no effort has been put into it.

You should look into the following to help you make GFX:


the background looks uncanny compared to the chars

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What I cant say (bad word for crap) here cuz it will get me flagged

nice bypass

Although it doesn’t really look like a GFX. There is definitely improvement you could have done.

It looks like your using Roblox studio, and the quality of the screenshots are not the best. I suggest you go to: File → Studio settings → Rendering → Editor Quality Level to Level 21. And also Mesh Detail Level to Level 4. It will give you the best results.


Without the settings:

With the settings:

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It is at Level 21. As well as at Level 4!

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Oh then its probably because of the lighting. But overall very nice.

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Tbh, that’s kinda too harsh. They did they it was their first time, so why are you acting like they have wasted all their life for these results? You could just explain more kindly, and tell them how to improve. No need to be rude man… :sad:


I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was giving them feedback and telling that what a GFX actually is. And yes, I did give them feedback on how to improve - I gave them 3 links, one to a GFX rig that I used to use, blender, and a tutorial on how to use both of them.

And if we’re talking about me blatantly saying “it’s bad”, it’s because it is, I’m not going to sugar coat it, however after I said it’s bad, I told them what’s bad about it.

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Well, it’s great to be honest sometimes cause some people want other’s real opinion and not what they want to hear, so it didn’t really bother me at all

There is a possibility I read it in the wrong tone perhaps cause I just woke up…if that’s the case, I’m sorry :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Btw hope you have a good day! :happy3:

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This isn’t even GFX, plus its R6.

Constructive criticism is a thing Roblox wants here. And your not doing it :slight_smile: .

I would say it looks fine for starters, but I would agree with @noxiirity it’s not a GFX, but you could improve, I would recommend using blender that way it’s 3D and it’s a GFX.

MY DAMN PC CANT RUN BLENDER! OK!? yes I have potato pc… so now @noxiirity (a hard name to type) How can I use blender when I CANT EVEN RUN IT!?

There’s no way your computer can’t run blender, if my 2009 PC can run blender, yours can. At least try, if not I can help you.

It cant. It fr cant. No joke. I mean it can run blender 2.79 and down but Blender 2.8? TOUGH LUCK MATE. and 2,79 is EXTREMELY HARD to work with. As I used 2.8 on my broken laptop. And made a few renders even made a post… But yea… Idk 2.79 2.8 wont work. So studio is the best option I got.

Dang, my old school tablet can still run blender but not yours, maybe try deleting apps that you don’t really use to free up storage and possibly more speeds that way it can handle blender.

As I said it can run 2.79 but not 2.8 which is legit the best to do renders and idk how to do in 2.79. And there arent many 2.79 tutorials. So yea… I got no graphic card in my bad ol pc.