My first ever UGC hat

Feedback on my first ever UGC hat

Hello all. Recently, I made my first ever UGC hat and I would like to have your feedback on it! It’s just a pretty simple top hat; looks rather plain. I made this all in studio with normal parts.

Tweet version:


Back View:


Feedback and likes are much appreciated!

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If you want it simple as possible, then It is okay.
But If you want to add more fantasy and creativity to is, I would try to curve it a bit.
Because It makes that plastic feel, but let’s be honest… I can imagine someone buying it only because Its plastic look. :slight_smile:


Thanks, much appreciated! Do you know any plugins that allow me to curve it, since I am using studio?

Honestly, your best bet is either using Archimedes and making it curve, or just throwing it in blender and manually adding a curve (and optimizing the mesh in the process of doing so)

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I’ve tried Archimedes, though I don’t really know how to operate it. Also my MacBook doesn’t support Blender, it’s like 12 years old.

Pretty much, how Archimedes works, is you put in the angle you want, and the direction of the curve (this being x,y,z,x2,y2,z2) and you just click them till you get the general direction, and then you can invert it (for example if you have y, it’ll do -y), or flip it (example, y will flip horizontally) and then you just press “add part” or whatever the button is

I don’t really see how that makes a curve, though.

Alright so I see what you mean now lol. I was playing around with the plugin and I managed to make a curvy looking disco ball thing lol.

If you’re using studio, then well… There are plenty of plugins as Archimedes and more, but I highly recommend you to use blender If you want to start making UCG accessories for Roblox.
If you just want to use it in-game, the use Archimedes,Gap fill and more.
But trust me, It will take a lot of time to make it look great, maybe I can say It’s a bit impossible to make it look nicely curved in Roblox studio, If you want to have it higly detailed than lowpoly :slight_smile:

As I said here, I am unable to install Blender.

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Blender will give you more configurations and It will look much more outstanding.
You can add shading,curves and much more in blender.
Because Roblox studio isn’t really built for that type of stuff.
Wish you a goodluck!

I know what Blender does, I would use it if I could… though I’m not fortunate enough to have a computer that supports the app.

It is beatiful (and it remembers me the hat kid hat from a hat in time)

Well, that’s not good.
How I’ve mentioned, Roblox won’t accept UCG made in their studio software, you have to use real 3D modeling softwares.
Anyway, If you want to use it just in your or others game, then that is not a problem.

LOL. Thanks for the feedback, I never see the same coloring though.

It is just a concept, like a blueprint. If I do ever want my concepts to be on the catalog, I would ask a friend to make the blueprint in something like Blender.

However, I can’t do that myself as I said 3 times.

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Sure, no problem!
I wish you a gooduck with making better and better models! :slight_smile:

Updated the post description with the Tweet version for visitors at the forum (who can’t post feedback).

The concept is quite basic and repetitive but ignoring that you did quite a nice job, you should try getting more creative with the hats though since top hats, face masks and things like that often get ignored if you really want to get them in the catalog.

Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely try something like that, though I’m not sure how it will turn out considering I am using studio.