My first GFX. (Banner)

Hello, my name is Wowpower91, and I’ve been on Roblox since 2017 (through many accounts).
I’m a builder (Not a really good one, but one nonetheless), but I’ve decided to try something new. I tried to design GFX.
This is a banner that I made within 2-3 hours (mostly looking for how to control Blender and editing the motion and the camera). Here is the finished projected:

Please give me tips for next time, and also show me applications that I can cut the background with and also useful tools that I can utilize.

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How was my first GFX?

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It is bad. It doesn’t blend. The quality of the pose and the character itself is so low when compared to the background that it can’t work, especially with that outline. It hasn’t adapted to the lighting.


You basically rendered your character and threw it on a background. It doesn’t blend in at all. This should have taken you 5 minutes, not 2-3 hours.


Precisely this, nothing more, nothing less to say.


I’m very sorry to say this but it’s terrible to me, hopefully you can make better one’s and fix this.


What you literally did took five minutes. You rendered your character, and slapped on a background. NEXT time, you should render your character and your own background, so it looks he’s actually standing there and not just floating in midair.


I agree with the other posts here. The character looks awkward in the photo. He looks out of place. You may fix this with lighting and positioning him in a way to make it look like he is standing on the ground.

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its terrible, u just got a random google image and slapped a png with some weird grey outline on it

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Its a just a blender character that got pasted into that photo, it isn’t good at all. And next time set your transparency on so you dont have to clear it with photoshop cause i see lines. There isn’t even any light or effects its just a normal photo with a renderen roblox charachter with no blending at all.

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One question: Did you make that background in blender? If not then all you did was slap on a picture of a character on a background and call it a GFX.


I think it has potential I think if you could play around with the lighting it would be a lot better. Instead of having an image background. I would add a 3d plane so that the floor would match. Usually a GFX is 3D so I would consider using blender or some other 3d software. Don’t listen to all of the negative criticism. This is how we all start :slight_smile:


The weird gray outline is probably from the greenscreen he put (assuming he used a greenscreen).

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It seems like you didn’t even put the “G” in “FX”. I get that your a beginner, but this certainly did not take you 2 to 3 hours, but rather 5 to 10 minutes. It seems like you just did a simple wave pose on your character, exported it from studio, went into Blender, then found some Stock Quality Image from Google, then slapped your character in it with a weird outline.

I recommend you watch some Blender tutorials and maybe try to put the character in the scene with a 3D map in Blender. With those tips, it would make it wonderful!

Overall, it needs some work, but aye, we all start from somewhere. Hope this helps!!


theres a transparent background feature

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I’m sorry, never really say something like this,
but its awful, really!

The arm looks stretched, and the character doesn’t blend at all

there are many tutorials out there which will definitely help you improve!

I do also see a bit of grey near the antlers, so next time export the image with a transparent background instead of using the magic wand and deleting,

It should’ve taken you way less than 2-3 hours.


I had to edit cut it using some tools.

A lot of people have said negative things, but um.
It’s my first time doing this.

Thank you. No one said it better than you did.

Someone DMed me and said to delete before I get shamed.

Im actually going to give u something useful: heres a tip - You dont need to cut it in photo shop those lines i see heres how to fix it.Go to properties and look for a camera icon, click on it than find the tab that says “film”, in “film” look for “transparent” and click on it. REnder it again and put it in PS! Than ur done! keep learning alr have a good day :slight_smile: !