My First House Build FINISHED

I’ve made 2 posts on this one house so far, but people only really saw 1 of them, so I’ve decided to show my finished product! I added an interior along with fancy lighting and also made it slightly bigger so a player can walk in fineFinishedHouse1.PNG FinishedHouse2.PNG FinishedHouse3.PNG FinishedHouse4.PNG

its really laggy tho thats a problem


When it lags so put everything into union supposedly it helps.

Looks good for your first build! I’d simply suggest adding more exterior detail or color variation. Great job.

First of all, this should be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

As for feedback, you should really add some foliage to the outside, maybe some flowers in the pots? Apart from this, the outside looks really good. :+1:t6:
The inside however, looks very hastily made, and there seems to be no connection between the exterior style and the interior style. There are also far too few furniture items, for someone to actually be able to live in your house. You should probably also not put the “bedroom” as the first thing you meet, and maybe separate it from the living room with a wall.

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Can you please keep these all part of a single thread? My First House Build, Upgrade to my first build, and this could have been a single thread since they’re about the same topic.

Also please realize that your threads keep moving into #help-and-feedback:cool-creations because they belong there, but you should be posting them there (instead of Building Support) yourself so mods don’t have to continue doing so. Please read the category rules before posting :slight_smile:

Anyways, the house looks good. I really like the trim on this area here, as that’s more interesting angle for an interior than the usual 90 degrees and is reflected well on the exterior.

Also this does not help with performance issues. Don’t do this.


I was posting them here because I didn’t know cool creations existed.

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I viscerally hate when people use blue bricks for windows but it looks good otherwise. Good for your first build

I don’t recall using bricks for anything ._.

Bricks as in “parts”

Kinda old school terminology lol

Oh, what am I supposed to use?

I personally think grey or white looks better and more realistic for windows.

Of course it’s up to personal preference but I don’t think blue looks very good

I used blue when it was just an exterior house because the windows were neon, it was to make it look realistic

I didn’t feel like changing it so I just kept it as it is.

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Wow cool! How long did this take to make?

3 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes for both interior and exterior