My First In-Game Cutscene (WIP)

I’m not the best animator but I am trying my best, i’ve always wanted to make a cutscene in real time for the player and I’m finally creating something close to that!

Also ignore the dialogue im still testing stuff right now!!


This looks really good, good job on this! I would suggest you to add some texturing to the builds because it looks quite blank and boring.


Bro good job, it’s cool I also like the stop-motion.


Very nice but heres the things you can do (optional)

  1. make the arms move faster when typing at the keyboard to fit with the audio
  2. Make the character look at the phone before picking it up
    The rest of these are a “what if” thing since i dont exactly know whats happening in the cutscene
  3. Make the character’s head move a bit when on the phone to feel like he is listening to the phone call
    3.1. Add talking sounds that come from the guy that called the player
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“This video cannot be rendered because your browser does not support the codec.”

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Um, maybe trying opening an incognito window with the link to this post…?

Getting same problem

That’s weird its a regular .MP4 video

Well I uploaded to my channel so

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Really good maybe make it last longer!

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Yeah I’m still planning out what’s going to happen but I know for sure this is how it will start, thank you!

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May you upload this to youtube? It is corrupted for me and I can only listen to it.

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I uploaded a youtube video just in the reply above, sorry for the inconvience

This in-game cutscene looks VERY GOOD! Nice job on it!

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Thank you, was a bit difficult to get working but it was worth it in the end!

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This looks epic. But maybe give some detail to the phone and laptop.

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