My first SCI-FI Sawed-Off

my first sci-fi model, colors are bad


Dude that is great!!!

Keep Uup The Great Work!

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The sci-fi shotgun looks ok.

The problem that I’m having with it is that it looks blocky.

Although I’m not a modeler myself, I recommend giving Blender a try. I say that because you can make smoother models and better guns.

Here’s an example.

Original post: First gun in blender

It would be great if you would give a clear picture of the sci-fi shotgun.


Thanks for the tip. The Glock-17 looks damn good, but that’s High Poly so that would be impossible, Low Poly is meh. I was modeling in Blender but I was never able to make a Pistol so I gave up.


You know, a lot of people say that before. But you know what? They kept trying. It’s never impossible if you keep trying and practicing.

Once you practice long enough, you’ll be a pro at it in no-time!

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Any tutorials that isn’t a donut.

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Although a lot of them are just making a donut, they teach you of how to use the tools.

Here are some tutorials that hopefully will help you. :slight_smile:

Blender Beginner Tutorial - Part 1
(There multiple parts of the video that goes around the tools)

Roblox Studio - Create your own Mesh with Blender

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That Glock 17 is the first gun I’ve made in Blender after 1 week of learning, and I’m a pretty bad learner. Many people who start using blender give up very easily because they think it’s hard, but don’t realize that things start getting a lot easier once you’ve learned all the binds and hotkeys.

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I have learned at least all basic binds and hotkeys. I’m not creative, that’s the problem.

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You should probably make simple objects like trees, swords, etc.

Reference pictures also help while modeling.

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I’ve made a few gun in blender! Idk why, but it took me 3 days, just to make an AK!

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You don’t need to be creative to make anything in blender? That Glock I made, which as I said was around a week-two weeks into learning blender, was me literally copying a reference. If you’re looking at a reference and thinking to yourself that you have no clue how you’re going to make this, it obviously means you just don’t have enough experience under your belt. The issue is people quit when things start getting hard, you need to push on and try to make something anyways. If it doesn’t look good oh well, at least you’re learning something new. Watch videos on how to make things, learn different methods making things, techniques, etc; That’s called learning.

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The tutorials on YouTube [atleast for me] are fast, confusing, outdated… at least i found one for low poly i did made a sword. And I’m happy about it.

Honestly, I think it looks a lot like shockwave from the original run of transformers from the 80’s, pretty good work for a first!

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