My first week in 3D Modeling

Hello, im FireAtacck and im a Artist. My hobbies are GFX Art, Logo Design, Graphic Design and now +Modeling. I knew how to use a Blender because I was doing GFX. I really started to making 3D Modeling in this week so this post shows my 1-week progress… *Please Give a Feedbacks

My Old Models - Last 2 month:

My First Model (Simulator Pet):

Ekran Alıntısı

My Second Model (Hot Dog Hat (UGC concept):


My Third Model (Piggy Bank Hat (UGC concept):

Ekran Alıntısı

My Fifth Model (Island Teleport area for my Tycoon game):


and Other models:



These are models I made this week

First Model for comission (Hallow Bow):

Second Model for comission (Night Strider Bow):


Third Model for comission (another Bow):

Fourth Model for comission (a Pistol):

Fifth Model for comission (Revolver):


my Latest Model for comission (Semi Auto Rifle):

v2.0(Hallow Semi Rifle)

Please comment a feedback

If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


My Portfolio : Here!!


Wow this is your first week of modeling? They are extremely nice for your first week, way beyond what I am able to do.


The first few models aren’t bad. The guns, however, look a bit a flat. Literally. The sides of the M4 and 1911 have little to no depth and it looks to me like you could replicate something similar with CSG. You also have some obvious shading issues on the M4, especially near the trigger guard where I suspect a boolean was used.


Thanks for feedback! it was my first rifle,pistol so im sorry for that but i’m working on improving myself.
I love your 3d models,textures. You are very good at modeling maybe i can learn something from you :smiley:


Those. Are. Amazing. I LOVE YOUR STYLE SO MUCHHHH! :open_mouth:


I’m a 3d modeler to i have much more experience but my first week sucked! i couldent make even a simple axe. considering this is your first week your doing great! love you models

Wow really nice. I have been modeling for 2 years and some of my models look like that lol keep going you have alot of talent.

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The metal parts of the M4 (that are not the handguard or barrel) are too thick, and i have to ask, is the blocky style intentional?

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