My group rank bot stopped working

Hello everyone,

My group rank bot has stopped working. What the bot is doing is when the player finishes an application their role gets promoted to Trainee. This is done from a Local Script firing an event.

It used to work like a charm and I tested it many times. Now it just does not work what so ever. I have tried checking if the Remote Event wasn’t firing, but it was. I even have a bot in my discord group saying when the remote event is fired giving a message saying a player has finished an application.
Yes, I have checked the permission of the role the bot account has, the correct rank to rank the player, and the script itself.

local glitchedUrl = ""

function rankUser(UserId, RoleId)
	game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(glitchedUrl .. "ranker?userid=" .. UserId .. "&rank=" .. RoleId)

	local UserId = Player.UserId
	local RoleId = 2
	rankUser(UserId, RoleId)
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Hi! you need to pay glitch so the bot can host 7/24.

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Thank you! I appreciate it! So when the bot hosts will the people get ranked?

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Yes, but if you don’t buy it. it will host for like 1 minute and you’ll need to re-open it I guess.


Sorry, but what do you mean by re-open?

Refresh the page, or run a command at the console.

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Glitch is not a reliable resource anymore for hosting, I recommend switching to repl and also how they removed private projects, sure there’s .env files, but I only used Glitch for their free private projects

I highly recommend you hiding the url for your glitch project as currently people can edit your project and view the Roblox security token linked to your bot account. I suggest adding into a .env file this will prevent people from being able to view it. You can read more about .env files on the glitch website.

No, I don’t suggest using repl. Heroku is a lot better.

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I don’t like Heroku that much considering how it wiped all my data when I redeploy it

Okay, how can I hide it? I really do not want people seeing the information.

Please add me on Discord Enomphia#0001

Your cookie is already exposed as you just linked your project, and since it wasn’t in a .env file, people can abuse your group by just logging in via the cookie, I suggest you delete the project, remake it, don’t leak the glitch url with the required parameters, and regenerate the cookie

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Hey, I noticed a ton of iffy replies on this topic, here is the current stand-point on glitch:

Just like repl, they have made all projects public. Since we are talking about hosting I HIGHLY suggest not using Heroku or any free hosting services, most don’t contain databases for storing data(used to log who was ranked and when) your best bet is buying a cheap VPS. To my knowledge, Digital Ocean sells a VPS for 5$ a month! Hope this helps.

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Repl has a database for every repl created for Node.js, and judging by his code, he doesn’t require a data base

I never said I read over his code; and yes I know that. I have a bit of IQ, Repl is still public and easily breachable! This project uses HTTP connections and can be easily abused.

Edit: The Database was a point of how Heroku is a bad option.

Glitch isn’t a hosting site. If you want to host, try heroku, AWS etc. You can also use repl since it’s free, but do it at your risk since they don’t keep the code private.

I never called you dumb, and as long as one puts stuff like auth tokens in a .env file, it’s fine.

Repl, and Heroku are bad suggestions! However AWS is a good starter and free suggestion.

The problem is not everyone has funding to buy that, so that’s why I suggested repl and heroku.