My most realistic lightsaber yet

Hello, So I haven’t really been active in DevForum for a while.

I am a huge fan of Star Wars and have made some lightsaber renders in the past, But, Nothing comes close to this!

So I decided to share my latest work!

I do agree that the blade is not that good, I’m still trying to figure it out and have researched about it.

The saber isn’t perfect it still needs some work on my eyes.

Angle / Clean

Angle / Rusted

I’m still expecting some improvements from me, So feel free to criticize my work!
Looking forward to PBR so I can export this bad boy to studio!

I might not be able to reply to every comment, Since I’m busy with commisions.

Here are some of my past work on lightsabers:


add a grip maybe? also increase the emission on the light part


Not trying to be meaning but, You should learn how sculptive painting works instead of applying a metal texture


It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

On a more serious note, the saber part could be more detailed as you said. Maybe make it more transparent? I think in the Star Wars galaxy the blades were plasma, so it should also have that luminescent aura usually seen in the films.

Other than that, it’s a masterpiece!


The specific term is radiosity. I say that not trying to be meaning to you but rather to help the OP in his research

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Yep, I am working on the blade aura, I did manage to figure it out eventually but I am still refining it for my next renders.


It’s actually more complex than just a metal texture.

To simplify it I included a normal and roughness map also some parts of the saber hilt are not as shiny as other.

Also I feel like sculpting the metal scratches wouldn’t be an efficient way for me since I don’t have much free time, Also would take a long time so I figured it wouldn’t be efficient as adding a normal map and a texture. And a few blender nodes and there,

Sculpting would also add a lot more tris and might increase render time and make my viewport harder to navigate as I only use a macbook.

I am also planning to use Substance Painter for my next saber hilt so I can improve my texture capabilities!

I do agree the hilt grip can use some work to make it stand out.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Woah… what the heck?
How many tri’s does that have?

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sculpting would be complete overkill for a hard-surface Sci-fi mesh like this.

I- How is your computer so good to render that? like the hell

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Really nice!
But add some effect around the saber.

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I’m still working on the best settings for the aura around the saber blade, Thanks for the feedback!

probably around 25k-30k it ain’t much

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The model looks great, but the textures seem a bit off. Anakin’s lightsaber is pretty much chromatic which is what you have here but the roughness you added is just too noisy. Makes it like theres too much going on in the model. I’d tone down your roughness a bit and make it more subtle instead of being too prominent. In fact it would be more accurate this way since looking at pictures of his lightsaber, the scratches & wear on it is very mute.

You could also follow CoderHusk’s suggestion to give your model more flair, and it shouldn’t increase triangle count if you bake the sculpted model onto a lower poly version of it. But that would probably give your model a more stylized look as opposed to a faithful recreation of Anakin’s lightsaber, then again its up to you what you’re trying to go for!

Oh and I suggest denoising your renders! Helps make it look less grainy

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’m not really a pro at rendering so this helps a lot,

I’ll be trying the things you said in my next render!

This is incredible! Amazing work!