Open-Source detailed Lightsabers I made

Here are some free Lightsaber hilts I made.
This are highly detailed lightsabers take care of them.


One lightsaber hilt has a kyber chamber and the other doesn’t

Obi Wan Lightsaber

Empty Lightsaber Hilt

Link: Pqllen's Lightsabers - Roblox

Turned on Lightsaber

If you wanna get the realistic reflections I got, Make sure to change the skybox.
If you don’t want to change the skybox you can turn the reflections all the way down.

And yes I made all of them without use of external modeling software such as (blender,3dmaya,etc…)

I’m also working on a lightsaber combat so heads up for updates.

combat script would not be open source…


For those wondering I am: TurtleJuniorYT the guy who made the other detailed lightsaber “Anakin’s”

I had simply renamed myself to Pqllen.


Those lightsabers are AMAZING.


By the way this topic shall be in Resources-Community resources

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The “ObiWan” lightsaber seems to be unanchored.

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How do you make that lightsaber affect? It doesn’t look like the default neon option in the materials tab.

very very nice, how did you make them look so clean?

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I have no idea but the probably used beams, they give off a nice effect, with that they also probably used a glow texture.

That’s cool, you shouldn’t make them free you should sell them for robux! Maybe make them a bit less reflective though, it looks too blue.

That is true, but maybe the neon texture was part of it.

As a person who loves Star Wars, this is absolutely incredible.

that is because they are supposed to be tools xd

done I changed it to community resources

These look really cool! Will maybe be using for a project in the future, will be sure to credit you! Great work

great work turtle! its always amazing having a friend like you near by!


It’s possible that they used unions or another source to do this, just make the main blue color transparent, and the inside a white neon color, pretty simple, the main union is the top spherical part which possibly had it’s bottom chopped off…