My Name Is Filtering In Search Bar

Reproduction Steps

Type “pozzzy333” in people search bar

Expected Behavior

I expect to see myself on the list

Actual Behavior

I see There are no matches available for “#########” title


My friends can find me by my “PozziDev” display name.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: People - Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Isn’t really a website bug due to the fact that Roblox filter is so strong its impossible to say “Adams” without spaces or special letters or just type my username in general


Also, your username maybe related to a inappropriate word or idk.

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Pozzy :skull:
Is a kind of cat

My name is also censored, to be honest for people with censored names they should really offer a free name change option


I dont have that problem :sunglasses:

But like @Megalodox_Official said, they should get a free name change if they want to, or they could tone down on the censoring (which probably isnt gonna happen) so your best bet would be to use an extension


I also think they shouldn’t censor the search bar. I mean what can appear? The game titles/descriptions are already filtered. Player names are as well, assets, avatars etc…

If everything is filtered then in the search bar we do not need filtering.


Another workaround is that you can use this url:
Replace Daw588 with whatever username you are searching for.

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They do it so you can’t as easily find inappropriate games, IIRC. It’s not a perfect solution and becomes pretty annoying at times, but it does work.


This is a website bug since this is unintended behavior blocking an action.

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They certainly need to improve username search, too many times things have been tagged for me

Weird. I know for a fact that people cannot create accounts containing “SubtotalAnt” in their name, but it doesn’t get censored.

This isn’t a bug, it’s Roblox’s filtering that filter “inappropriate” words.

This specific filter was most likely added if someone tried to type something inappropriate but made a typo. That’s the case with all usernames that can “relate to” or “rhyme” with inappropriate words or terms.

This is likely an intended feature (whether you like it or not). It’s been talked about in a ton of bug reports and feature requests and all of them come to the conclusion that it is an intended feature that will not be fixed. In this case, the OP would likely be better off asking for their specific username to be un-filtered rather than the filter to not be applied for search terms, as the latter likely will not happen.


There’s a form here that you should fill out

The link gives a 404. I think you should update it.

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You have to be a regular to access #lounge
Pozzi is a regular since he’s able to post a bug report

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I decided to bump this as this still needs fixing and searching for a censored username is impossible.

There were a few threads that all got locked with the following:

Locking because this is a heavily duplicated topic that has been discussed and thoroughly justified already.
Consider referring to this thread instead, and reading other linked threads to gain an understanding of why this filter is in place:

However, this referenced thread got locked too so there is no unlocked thread.

I fill out like 6 months ago, and no changes, i think, this is don’t work

the workaround is that you need BTRoblox in order to find anyone’s profile, here’s how it works

(I used tofuu’s username as an example)

and you need Fast User Search enabled

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I don’t think we should be forced to use third-party extensions to use Roblox features, also I am using Firefox not a Chromium-based browser so this solution won’t help me.

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My name is no longer filtered. Problem solved