My New Prison Game

Welcome, and presenting my new prison map soon, details are still missing,
I know that in some parts it looks dark and I will correct it, By the way I have only made my prison, there is still the city and those things
Enjoy my construction

- murjarquitecto


Looks great. I don’t mean to insult you, but it still looks very much like Roblox. Roblox with high-tech lighting, sure, but Roblox none the less. Some of the first screenshots look like they are from a horror game, but that might just be the orange lighting. Overall, it looks really good. This is what Jailbreak and Mad City could look like after the future is bright update is fully released!


I agree with the guy above me, it still looks like roblox but your model does look good, very detailed and nice


These images give me a lot of Jailbreak vibes, the building design, the beautiful use of lighting, looks really good!


Since I saw the lighting on my map I liked it a lot but what I didn’t like were the dark parts, but I said I’ll put more lighting there.
And I agree with you that it looks like a horror game although it won’t be


Wrong. That is Roblox.

Anyways, it looks really good. It looks inspired by the Jailbreak police station, but with a lot more attention to detail and of course, better lighting. Great job!


Yes, I have used future lighting. It’s amazing and I cannot wait till it’s released. Awesome map you have created here by the way. Hope you do well on it in the future.

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I know it’s Roblox it was just an expression of this lighting


It looks very much like roblox. I don’t think anyone would have any trouble identifying this as a roblox game. It looks fantastic though, great job

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Amazing work, I am a fan of what you did with the lighting. keep up the good work!

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Looking forward to it! Can’t wait!

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Nice modeling! I would play it

Yes This is Roblox and AWESOME, Very good job with lighting too!


Wow. That building is simply high quality, no other way to put it.

Maybe we can get a revival of the prison genre with this!


Looks good and all but it looks too big (unless you know theirs gonna be a lot of people playing at once)

I hope I have that hope, I want to revive the genres of cops and robbers


What do you mean big? Im confused

Well, this game will have the percentage for players like Jailbreak if that is what you mean, let’s say that I am dedicated to making very large maps and without delay problems for the player

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With good scripting, this will definitely become the next Jailbreak.

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Maybe friend, I don’t do much scripting to be honest but I’m learning something new every day to put some script on i :wink:

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