My newest Terrain Showcase

So, it’s been a while before I did anything terrain related, and some of you, might ask why? Well, I’ve been busy with life, and comms but I did make this, still a W.I.P and I didn’t show the other side of the road because there is nothing to see, seriously… it’s just empty (Still workin on it)

But here is a picture of the rough blueprint what do you guys think?



Also, credits to forestine for his tree pack (Apologies if i spelled your name wrong)

The terrain itself is good but try evening the road.

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Looks good so far! :grinning:

Hopefully, in the future there will be some nice vegetation, some foliage around the trees, and some pebbles around the boundaries of the road.

Keep up the great work!!! :grin:

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lol edit I accidentally uploaded a old picture

Indeed, this is like my draft, forget draft it’s like my pre draft, in the future I assure you it will look much better, thanks for the feedback!

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Love the lighting and terrain! Nice work!

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Thank you, though this is just the beginning :eyes:

Looks good!!! Hope for the best, keep on going! :grin:


Wow that is great keep up the good work

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Looking good so far. I would suggest adding some more types of plants, like flowers, bushes, or other shrubs. Maybe utilize dirt & rock on those steeper inclines to make it look more realistic.

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i cant really tell if its good or bad becos the shine is go everywhere , maybe make the shine less or make it different time ? all i see are hills and i cannot really pay attention to details plus there is no game to visit to see if its god or bad ,all i can say is make sun less shiny so i can see the picture clearly, but i very like the hills in and of itself since i can actualy see how it looks. not a lot of people can make realy normal natral hills, and those look nice.

Thank you for your feedback @QueriesFromADumbDev, @justhatsav, and @Aptable

@QueriesFromADumbDev like I said, the showcase isn’t done, and I don’t want people to just post bad feedback because they see a half empty region in the showcase, I will release it when i am totally finished, as for the lighting, clearer pictures will come once I soup it up some more :sunglasses:

i did not mean it for it to be a bad feedback ? i was saying that i canot judgde it becos the suns light is all over the pic so i cannot judge it corectly., and i did say the hills was very nice becos not a lot of people can make smoth naturel hills

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This is awesome! I have really nothing to say about this besides on how good this is. The lighting is on point, and the terrain is great as well. Keep up the great work!

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No no… you misunderstood, I am not saying that you are posting bad feedback

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Thank you for your feedback, I hope to make it better!

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No problem @prTESTAQ I’m always here

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