My Parkour Game Needs Ideas!

I’ve just finished implementing most of my parkour game mechanics and I think it could use some stages of course. I’m not the best with ideas but heres some showcase of what you can do in the game! It’s mostly like a hat in time. I’m looking forward to some of the stage ideas ill see for this simplistic like game!




There is now a game-link if you want to test it for some overrall feedback!


I have some ideas in mind:

First of all, I love the mechanics that were implemented in the game, I feel like there needs to be a bit more though.

Maybe you could add a ledge grabbing mechanic into your parkour game and prevent players from grabbing onto ledges that are short or have short side lengths.

Another idea of mine is making a custom UI system instead of using the leader-stats bar. The use of the leader-stats bar in your game doesn’t look like it really matches the game’s atmosphere.

The final idea of mine is adding powerups to the game? That thought just randomly came out of the blue lol.

Those are all the idea’s I really got, overall this game is pretty cool!


I cannot test the game link so I cannot give a review sadly


Link don’t work… but LOVE THIS GAME! Maybe add a server wide radio or skateboards or something to make it seem “punk”…


Its now public! Enjoy reviewing!

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Movement is a little stiff but very fun… Lobby needs improvement and I want the block guy to stop chasing me…

Now what I would love to see is some wacky cool camera system instead of the default roblox camera. I would love to help if you need any map ideas…

The mini block guy is a test, sometimes if your out of its range, it just sleeps and waits, I also am unsure for a camera system, as I want to merge the camera being normal whilst also being set to a focused point.

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I would optimize the game for mobile. 72% of roblox is on mobile so not having the ui compatible for mobile is stopping you from getting 72% more potential visits

Im unsure about that one! Mobile support is quite confusing for me!

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If you go into the device simulator or studio, it shows you where you can place gui so that its not in the way of the mobile controls :slight_smile:

Cool. You thinking of any particular story or bosses?

Sprint animation that changes depending on player overall speed? (Maybe also some heavy breathing sound effect that plays if you’ve been parkouring for a long time.)


These are some really good ideas and I plan to add them! Currently I just finished making a character customization system. It’s not done yet but is doing well so far! Theres also some new effects in the game when long jumping!

(Holding control and jumping)