My Portfolio by: RED

About Me

Hey, I’m Red and I specialize in scripting, animating, 3D Modeling, Building, and Mesh Making. I’ve been developing for 4 years, I am working on Untitled Roblox Game, a Magi Game, and a My Hero Academia Game.


You can view my recent project here: Project_Escape [ALPHA] V0.1 - Roblox

Here's some Gifs of my scripting

Here's some gif of my animations

Screenshots/Videos of 3D models and VFX

Here's some screenshots of my building


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum…
Discord: [“Innovative”] = function(RED)#7875
Discord Server: Discord

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


That test-tube rack is really something! Great job! Especially your 3D headphones, I really like how you used glow effects to enhance the overall look.

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Thanks man! I was fun making it and how you can do glass material in blender and it looks sooooo realistic!

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How did you make those cool vfx “particles” or attacks, I use blender and I don’t know where to start or sculpt, all I know is basic modeling and basic modifiers. Please do let me know! This is amazing!

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