My Portfolio - Clothing Designer [OPEN]

A Little About Me

Hello! My Roblox Name is Bubuvassallo12 and my Discord is Vessills#0950. I am a 16-year-old boy that plays Roblox for fun! I have been refining my skills as a clothing designer since 2017 and now I have decided to come out to the community! As I said I am 16 and therefore I have time on my hands, firstly because of quarantine I am having lessons online and secondly I will not have a job until I finish my GCSEs this year.

Showcase :

Here you can see some work of mine!

Portfolio - Army Uniform - Black () Portfolio - Army Uniform with Vest - Deasert Portfolio - Grey Blue shirt


I am usually available 24/7 except in the mornings when I have school and private lessons but the rest is all working on designs and improving my work by working on designs.


I am not very picky about the price at all! I usually take 150 - 350 on Uniforms and shirts and 100-300 on pants, trousers! Very cheap prices but with exceptional quality! As a perspective:-
100 Robux - 0.35$
50 Robux = 0.18$

I also take payment Via Paypal

30% of the full amount has to be paid before as a deposit to ensure safety for both parties.


If you want to contact me you can contact me here on the Dev Forum or you can contact me on Discord! - Vessills#0950

Thanks For Reading and Thank You For Your Time! :smiley:


Great guy to work with, did the job quickly and correctly :smiley:


Nice quality clothings and fast. :+1:


Easy to work with and did a great job on my uniforms, cheap for the quality as well. :smile:


Amazing designer. Took a little longer than expected but that was normal due to exams, etc. I can’t vouch for him enough, amazing clothing and nice person.

10/10 :star::tada:

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