My quest to become UGC approved

You’re gonna scare the hell out of kids xD


Let’s just agree they are both a bit… demonic…


I honestly think that these are pretty unique and original! I really like them. Some of these hats remind me of Bethink’s.

My personal favorites are the Pancakes Head, and the Bear Hood. I honestly think we need more items like these on the Catalog to add more variety.

I can’t wait to see what else you make, and I hope you get into UGC soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: Hopefully eventually can make it in and actually clean up some and upload them.

Todays is a more detailed wolf hood (moving away from the cutesy stuff a little).


I really love the rock one! I love how it looks like it has a cave and a creature’s glowing eyes inside of it.


Wow! I’d buy these in a heartbeat! I love the amount of detail! I really like the cat one! :3


They look great, but I don’t know if kids in Roblox like the look of it, is a bit too creepy, but overall I approve. :sweat_smile:


I love the Wolf Hood! If it’s alright to ask, where do you get your textures? I’m a 3D modeler myself, and I have a hard time finding the appropriate textures I need.


Thanks :slight_smile: I just google really. Sometimes need to get creative though, like instead of “wolf”, search for “wolf skin texture” or things like that. And then i use matcap baker to bake out some of the details that come with whatever matcap i use in zbrush.

I texture directly on the model, instead of the older way of trying to texture flat on the UVs.


really awesome i wish you good luck!


Here’s one for today… my realistic noob :upside_down_face:


Woah, nice work. I love how original they are. Creative and unique- exactly what I hope to see in all UGC items :slightly_smiling_face:

really hope to find them in the catalog one day. good luck on becoming a UGC creator :+1:


It doesn’t look like a noob anyway. It look a cursed man lol :joy:.


Some facial hairs for today (the last one is my favorite :muscle:


This is really cool but the only concern is the second one. That is really creepy. And I don’t think ROBLOX would want that. But this is something I’d buy. I really hope you get into UGC because this is the type of UGC creations I want to see.


Ok well how should I start-

All of these UGC are amazing. The amount of detail and realism is insanely good. I really hope you get accepted into their ugc program.

Now I’ll list my thoughts of every ugc you have in order of the pictures you posted (Top to Bottom).

1st One:
Really Good. I like the concept and design. The only thing I would change is the last one.
Only because it looks like two arms trying to flex it’s muscles :joy:
(and I can’t unsee it anymore)

2nd One:
The texture is very very realistic. This would look really good in a horror game or some sort. But this kind of UGC will scare some of the kids. Some kids/players will be scared and I wouldn’t suggest doing something like that. It’s a bit creepy in my opinion but the amount of detail and effort put into this is very very nice. (It’s still a bit creepy if I’m being honest)

3rd One:
It looks very very real. I almost thought that was a real animal. :sweat_smile: Again some kids might be scared of it. I personally like it but consider the kids (6-8 year olds). Again the amount of detail and effort into this UGC is nice.

4th, 5th, 6th One:
These are really cute. I love these and I think kids would definitely want them as well. It’s not to scary but it’s also realistic. Very nice and creative. Being able to pull something off similar to this is difficult so I say you did an amazing job for these.

7th One:
I don’t think I can look at my foods the same way ever again :joy:
The amount of effort and details is insane but it’s a bit creepy to me. :sweat_smile: Again consider what 6-8 year olds would think.

8th, 9th One:

Really nice. I love these concepts and the details put into this is amazing. Shows attention to detail. I love the 9th one especially. Looking at the full set is really nice.

10th, 11th One:
I love these two. I think they look adorable to me for some reason. :joy:
But some kids might be scared of these. (again referring back to some of the other UGC) I personally like them though.

Don’t take my words as negative feedback. All of them are really good and it really shows the attention to detail. I love the realism and I really want to see these on catalog someday! Can’t wait to see more of your work :slightly_smiling_face:


If you became UGC creator what would be the costs of the items?


Probably 50 - 100 robux, it seems to be what most things go for.

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Todays is a belt accessory that turns you into a pony centaur :horse:

I want to do one for pegasus and griffon also.


Had to give the griffon centaur a shot too (the idea is making it a belt accessory)