My recent UGC concept

I made my own design for a Christmas themed UGC concept.
Took me a couple of days to come up with the sketch and to complete the 3D model.
Any criticism is much appreciated!

P/S: If any UGC creators wanna collab, pls Direct Message me through my Discord: iDuc_Anh#9535


I think it is really good! Better then I could ever do lol


thx for ur kind compliment :>
I 've been making concepts since June :smile:

That is a long time, which turned out well.

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It is amazing wow! If you release it, send me a link I’ll buy it :wink:

No words!


I would buy it if I weren’t broke lol.

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wish my application could be accepted, it would take maybe a year to receive reply from UGC program since there’re so many ppl applied for it.

lol I’m broke too but if I wait like 1 month I’ll can afford it

sorry for mentioning u, can I ask how to get a career icon on profile picture

You can do this by joining a group, here is a post about how to do that:


They were really excellent on you, you can sell them in the Roblox store as Christmas is approaching, I assure you that people will buy them because they are very good.

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hope I could get ugc perm soon, so that I can upload my stuffs XD

I recommend you keep uploading models of your designs


Well it cost 750 Robux to publish an item :confused:


I’ll be honest if I were a developer at Murder Mystery 2. I’d hire you to make UGC for us. That’s all very well made especially the shape of the blade. Fantastic job! :+1:

★ 9/10


To be honest I don’t have much time to come up with concepts, but yeah I’ll try :kissing_smiling_eyes:

its still cheap comparing to the robux revenue if the item goes well