My Second Attempt At Procedural Terrain Generation

Hello! I have just completed the second edition of my procedural terrain generation algorithm.

Above are images of the map generation at different calibrations.

Since the last edition, I fixed a few biome-selecting bugs, added some GUI, reduced generation lag, improved terrain colorization, added mountains/valleys and made the map expand as the player walks across it.

This was done using math.noise(). Each “Chunk” has its own baseline math.noise() system for “random” deviation in altitude, in addition to an overall math.noise() system to generate mountains and valleys.

Biome selection is also done with math.noise(), in addition to color deviation.

On my PC (i3-9100, GTX 1660, 16GB DDR4), the game runs very smoothly, with minimal lag when generating new chunks. Game may not be playable on slower devices.

Game file:
TerrainV2.rbxl (33.6 KB)

Game link:

Original Thread:

Any feedback?


Looks far better this time, now all it needs is to be able to generate bushes, and trees.


I made a tree generation module a while ago, I could probably integrate it into this.

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You know, water doesn’t like to be flat, it likes to be curved.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I have just made an update to the game.
The update reduces tons of memory usage and processing power by using BlockMeshes!

It reduced over 100MB of memory in just the area generated at the start!


Very nice! Chunks don’t unload though which will eventually start stacking. Can confirm this works very smoothly on GTX 1060 and a Ryzen 3 2200g

looks amazing gonna have to check it out later, hope it runs on my PC