My second UGC concept is a carousel hat

This has took 24 hours in total, this is because of all the scrapped ideas and vertex limit, so I had to improvize, I still hope it turned out well for my second UGC concept.
The horse model took 8-10 hours (2000 vertex each) The horse model was a asset I made a few months back, but remade it so it fits in the vertex limit.
The carsousel model took 4-5 hours(1500 vertex)
The texturing took 5 hours
Scarapped ideas and concepts took 7-8 hours because I kept scrapping ideas

Here is my other UGC concepts that I made: I made a ugc concept tophat thats a circus

Please give me your critisim, and If you like it, tell me what you like, it helps me when designing hats.


Has a nostalgic feel to it, this looks like it could be an old roblox hat, I like it!

Thank you while I was making this it gave me that super mario 64 game vibe on roblox, you know… the one with the robut.

Do you mean Robot 64, by zKevin? If so yeah I can see why it’d remind you of that haha.

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Really nice, I like the simplistic but at once semi-realistic and nostalgic feel to it.
It is also quite a creative hat compared to current UGC hats which are just remakes of one another.
Keep it up! One day you’ll definitely get there :slight_smile:

Wait what? One of my hats are simular to yours… I’m purposly making a circus and carnival vibe to my current UGC creations. Probably a cohencidence lol.

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No! What i meant is, the current catalog ugc hats are really not outstanding compared to each other, this though, surely is!

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Aww thanks, I’m trying not to make a cartoony band wagon and create good item for the catlog <3. If I do get into UGC, items will be the lowest I can make them, as well as customizations (yellow,green,redblue, and etc.). Since I’m 13 and don’t have a full sense of needing money yet.

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13? That’s really impressive! So far judging from your two creations, they look really nice! :slight_smile:
I, as a 15 year old developer who’s been non-stop working on stuff for over a year now can’t figure out even the most basic things when it comes to texturing hats :laughing: , good job!

I’f you would like to learn how to code for your games I could teach you, I know lua and javascript. (Direct message me if your intrested)

Haha, no need, I already know both! Been working on 3D Designing and programming for some time now!
You surely do have a nice future ahead of you on the roblox platform considering your knowledge though.

This looks amazing for the amount of time you put into this, great work!