UGC concept: Carnival Cerebrum Eliminator

This is a joke UGC item, so if you don’t know what the Cerebrum is, look it up, its apart of the pun. This is my 3rd UGC item, this one is suppose to be just a haha funny… So their wasn’t as much detail and effort as the other ones. (I’ll link my other UGC concepts at the bottom)
Modeling(1 hour)
Texturing(1 hour)

Something went wrong with the rendering

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Give me your critism, and if you like it, tell me what you like.

Such a unique concept :slight_smile:
the only thing I’d fix is the rope thing. It’s turning points are a bit sharp
maybe use the array and curve modifier to get a smoother curve (might have issues with triangle count though)
the shading for the lil triangles seem a bit flat as well, maybe add a gradient texture ¯_(ツ)_/¯
otherwise it looks really nice :slight_smile:

Yah I really should have done it for the rope, however its suppose to look kinda gritty