My showcase inspired by Squid Game

Hi guys!
I made a showcase inspired by SQUID GAME.

(This video has no intention of promoting my profile, just showing you the trailer I made of my game)

Here is the link to my game: SQUARE ONE - Showcase - Roblox


Looks really good, I’m not really good when it comes to trailers but I think when your moving camera you shouldn’t use mouse and you should use the arrows on keyboard so the camera moves smoothly.

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squid game but its in the roman empire


it looks really cool
i call it “Augustus Game”
history moment


The moment you realize Gladiator fights were the original squid games. Love your lighting and attention to the detail. Solid build!

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the build is astonishing, its like a temple sandstone thing, maybe don’t have the blowing stand, and have better camera cinematics and actually animations, its half decent the lines on the square circle triangle is too thick (second image) and the roof lines are too thick,

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The known lines are really thick, but it was for a good cause, as my intention was not to leave the floor and ceiling space so “empty”. And in the matter of camera movement, I used the mouse cursor together with the arrows, maybe I should have chosen only to move the arrows, as a developer said in a previous comment.

Thank you very much for one more amazing feedback from you!

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looks sick bro the detail is insane but you might want to be mindful of the dead bodies and guns, blood as it can get the game reported

The build and lighting is awesome but the camera movement in the trailer is bad in my opinion but you can use moon animator to make awesome camera movement easily

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I used the mouse cursor together with the arrows, and it ended up not being very smooth. I should have chosen only to move the arrows as you said.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll be more aware of this for my trailers!

I researched in depth whether blood is allowed in roblox play, found this article on devforum(Blood, Allowed when colored? - #7 by Nerbzzz).

From what I read of the comments, many said it was allowed but with a certain restriction, not being so detailed, not having torn limbs and blood gushing everywhere. And the blood that is in my game, it’s not very detailed, just a pool of blood under the bodies, and with a more orange contrast in it.

And as for the corpses, I didn’t put blood detail inside them, like blood gushing, just the corpse lying on the ground with the blood beneath them.But then if need be, if anyone reports my game, I’ll have to draw the blood, unfortunately. Thanks for your feedback!

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001 would be proud :sweat_smile: :v:

The detail looks very realistic (and amazing), I would play if this was a game!

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but im saying for the camera use like either smoothcam while playing it in studio or like moon animator camera

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I think 001 would be proud and let me win the marble game so :joy:
Thank you so much for your feedback!

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You said everything, gladiator fights were the original squid games. It’s like the phrase from the gladiator movie goes “The crowd wants battles and the emperor will give them battles”.

Relating this to the Squid Game series, the crowd is the VIP’s who place bets on a player and have fun watching them battle, and the Emperor is the Leader. And the squid game games are deadly, and especially in the last game (The Squid Game), each player fighting for his life where only one survives, just like a gladiator fighting for his life.

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback!

As long as its not against the guild lines is fine, as i got banned for 3 days when i tried to make a horror game :joy:

Wow! I love this, deffinetly looks better then the real thing. 10/10 from me!

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I’m sorry, but are we not going to point out how similar the effects and assets look from these two games?

The trees in the video look very similar.

After a bit of investigating, you seem to use the same effect and assets for your obby game, which you say was “inspired” by mist.

Look at these lanterns in “your” obby game


The trees, fog effect, text, lanterns and more are all stolen.

Please create orginal content. Delete the post or I will flag.
Or message me if I have made a mistake.

Thank you

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Wow, I didn’t know that here on devforum there was a game detective, wow I’m impressed with such an invasion

Well, first, do you come to my topic of my game SQUARE ONE to talk about my other game? :thinking: Buddy, let’s organize things around and have common sense.

Secondly, if you can read how it was contained in the description of MY game that I put in, it was written “Inspired by Mist”.

I admit I used the same lanterns, the same message, the same fog effect, the trees, the two statues. The question is, did I do it like the other games?

Of course not? Look for another game there like mine on roblox, don’t you have it? I’ll repeat, inspired and put in the description, since the friend there has difficulty interpreting basic words.

Now you come say “your game” and “create original content” ? Buddy, I don’t care who you are, I made my entire game, I did use some models of the other as the lantern, and what I mentioned before, but I made the entire game, stage by stage, the lobby, the menu i watched the tutorial on youtube of HowToRoblox, as I mentioned in the credits,The skip stage script, gamepass I watched the videos on TwinPlayz youtube, as I mentioned in the credits too.

So buddy, if you want to waste more time talking to me here, continue, I will also make a point of wasting my time here with you.

And if you want to be a colonizer, put the flag there on the topic, feel free to colonize my topic :joy:

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They contain the same assets, same trees, fog effect, same rocks, the obby game is relevant.

Inspired and stealing assets are two different things…

Then why would you post the topic, the forum permits against posting content that contained stolen assets, so what made you think it was a good idea to post it.

Your response was written pretty unprofessional.