My skin color feels underrepresented on Roblox. (Add more skin color options)

Roblox is a place where you are free to express yourself through your creations, which includes but is not limited to the avatar you use to join experiences with.

For as many years as I’ve been on this platform, I’ve never felt genuinely able to express myself through my Roblox avatar in the way that I desire, simply because there is a lack of realistic skin color options. To get around this, I’ve always just made my avatar a neutral color, such as pitch-black, grey, or completely white as it felt like the only alternative, as I almost feel guilty using a skin color that is not my own. To an extent, it makes me as an individual feel unaccepted on the platform.

I’m a person of mixed race. One side of my family is African American whilst the other side is Hispanic. My real skin color is very poorly represented, if at all, in Roblox.

I am requesting the ability to fine-tune the skin color of your Roblox avatar. When I press “advanced” in the avatar editor, I’d expect to be greeted with a color picker instead of the current BrickColor assortment.

If a color picker were to be added, it would completely solve this issue, as I could create my avatar in a way that I feel represents myself. A temporary solution would be to add more realistic skin colors instead of having 14 separate shades of blue.

Out of all the current skin colors available, very few of them are realistic.

To visualize my problem; below is the closest color to my skin available, which is still very far from reality:

Every color after that just represents a different, almost-caucasian skin tone:

I believe this is a feature that is long overdue. Providing the tools to allow users to express themselves at a fundamental level is essential, especially as we move forward in creating the metaverse.


I think a fantastic solution is to change up how skin tones are created. Rather than having 10 presets, there should be sliders for hue, undertone, fairness, etc.; this would help cover all natural skin colors, and we can leave the “advanced” tab for non-human skin tones, such as green or blue.


How about instead we ditch a forced rigid color palette and just give players the option to use a color picker. :confused: No palette will ever be sufficient for skin color, and adding a bunch of complicated sliders for skin color is ridiculous, don’t overengineer the issue and just give players a color picker.

BodyColors and HumanoidDescription seem to support Color3. What’s holding us back?


I fully agree, and this should extend to free hairs.

A new user, or a user without Robux, may also look at this selection of hairs and think of how unrepresented one’s hair style is. I know I did; many years ago I had to go with brown hair that neither reflected my hair color nor my hair style, but there was simply no other alternative.

I felt out of place, that I had to “fake” myself to fit in whereas many of my friends had hair and skin tone that matched theirs.

I am unsure of a solution but I know that I have identified a problem that needs to be addressed.


I’m bumping as I’d love to press Roblox on this issue. Why has the skin tone customization not been updated?

I too am rightfully questioning:

I feel a mix of proposed solutions should be what comes to be. We should have the presets of human skin tones and the advanced tab should hold the following:

The issue of

Is another feature request entirely, and it’s gotten better over the years, but it too is an issue that should be addressed.

Connecting back to the issue at hand here, skin-tones. Here are other feature requests regarding the issue:
Avatars should support arbitrary colors for skin tone (Feb 11, 2020 5:26 AM)
Add ‘Advanced’ avatar options (Jun 15, 2020 11:42 PM)
More colors allowed for avatar customization (Sep 23, 2016 12:12 AM)

Many tweets, youtube videos, messages, etc. I’ve seen this issue of people wanting a slightly different skin tone, or just another skin-tone in general.

This shouldn’t be an issue, but it is. This isn’t a new issue either, it’s been an issue and many people want something done about it. I have yet to see a response in regards to this from Roblox. I am questioning, what’s holding this back?

If it’s lack of people, I’m down, many would be down to do this. I’m not alone. It doesn’t seem like it’d be much of an engineering challenge as pointed out by many others throughout the years. So, again, I’m just really questioning why this isn’t a thing.

Edit: It seems somewhat of a response was given in this bug report

From here: Missing skin colors in in-game advanced editor - #2 by TheGamer101

In response, BizzarBlitz asked about adding a color 3 picker. No response was given. That would be ok I feel as things seem to be uncertain, but I still want to push the issue.

I’d love to hear a response and action on this issue. Thanks.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this too, since there isn’t really a skintone like mine on roblox, a colour wheel or RGB/HSV colour picker would be great to add to roblox B)

and adding onto the whole avatar editor thing, I feel liek a more advanced avatar editor would be great, especially for scaling and depth option that could go beyond the avarage scale settings without needing to buy a whole new package just to be really small or really tall or fat or whatever


As pretty much everyone else has stated, just being allowed to choose whatever color you want would solve this entirely…


yep, again as many people stated. A color picker could easily fix the problem. For a lot of people, the color they want end up falling in between.


Picking body colors on roblox is the most frustrating part of avatar creation, I unironically remember picking body colors & just being disappointed with colors in general seemingly more than actually making avatars, traumatizing lol, more frustrating than the catalog having mediocre options,

and to think they could simply have added a color picker, which color3 is a thing and similar platforms have had color pickers.


Thanks a lot to all of you who let us know this feature was important to you. Am happy to announce that we’ve introduced an expanded skin tone color picker that allows you to choose more specific colors in the UAP Avatar Editor, and developers can now set any Color3 value from in-experience Avatar Editors.

Check it out when you get a chance, and thanks for letting us know that this feature was important to you.



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