Expanding the Skin Tone Color Picker

Hi Developers!

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our Skin Tone Color Picker to allow colors beyond the previous color palette selection. A number of you gave us feedback that the color selection didn’t include shades that allowed everyone to feel appropriately represented by their avatar, so we’ve expanded to allow for selections beyond the color palette.

As a developer, if you have an Avatar Editor in your experience, you’re now able to use all colors versus the color palette we provided. Previously, Color3 values would lock to the closest available color on the color palette. You’re now able to set skin tone to any Color3 value in HumanoidDescription, and when you call AvatarEditorService:PromptSaveAvatar, it will save to the platform.

Players:GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync will now include a bodyColor3s table with the player’s selected skin color alongside the previous bodyColors table, which will still exist and contain the Color3 value rounded to the nearest BrickId. Existing Color Pickers in experience will continue to work, but you’re now able to expand the range of colors you offer players when modifying their avatar’s skin tone.

We are also releasing this in the platform Avatar Editor in the Universal App, where players can select a base color and drag a slider to more finely tune their avatar’s skin color. Check it out in action below:

Special thanks to @meiyonnaize @TheGamer101 @metaversek1ng @CycloneUprising and @gigawut for their work to make this feature a reality. Let us know if you have any feedback, and thanks to all of you who let us know this feature was important to you – we really appreciate it. Enjoy!

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Awesome update Roblox!

I noticed this feature a few hours ago or so, and now it’s bringing so many customizability options for avatars it’s crazy! An update so small yet so cool in my opinion! Big W!

However, I do have one worry. If a user colours their limbs with similar, realistic skin colouring, would that bypass the clothing fully? I hope there is a system to detect similar RGB values so people won’t bypass that default clothing. Apart from that, I love it!



Adding more options for customizability is a welcome change. I’m excited to see the rest of the new avatar features planned!


About time we get more options! Just not sure why we don’t just get basic RGB options.



when will AccessoryAdjustmentEnabled come out, if I put it on true it says that it can’t create Frame’s because Activated is nil

also, creating outfits with no shirt, pants and hats with different colors put around the avatar (which doesn’t create default shirts) errors out now


I was one of the people who missed being able to set the colors for individual body parts. I am so glad this was returned. Thank goodness!


Oh this is neat! I wonder why this wasn’t a thing earlier.

Now I can finally change skin tones to match whatever outfits/heads I’m wearing much better, this is so cool!


Oh, yes. The color picker!

When I used it, I moved a color’s value all the way to the left…

Now I have a problem.

I am a human and not a computer. I am unable to precisely put the slider value back to the center. I need help. Help!


I can’t create Feature Requests :person_shrugging:


This is an extremely amazing update. Possibly one of the best in a while to be honest. The original one had limitations which this one completely erases. Many people will enjoy this.


That doesn’t work.

These sliders simply don’t forget the values you’ve set to, for each color button. You have to somehow trigger elimination of all these button classes, so that they get freshly created new. But then it’s still going to remember the values.


From the web version of color picker


This is better than nothing but realistically we should just be able to pick any skin colour. I don’t see the harm.


I just realized another issue. :thinking:


Old ones could mix these two colors, without summoning the default shirts.

That is broken now

well, the old API allows it but, the old API doesn’t allow RGB. :person_shrugging:


okay now, I can create a bug ticket…


there’s a issue yep, :thinking: but I believe there’s something I could try with the API


Wonderful! this will make people more options to make more complex avatars! Great Job.


Another welcome update!

But tbh, I think I’d like to see a RGB/Hex color picker at this point for more advanced users.


Why not allow an RGB or HEX based color selection where we can enter the code for the color we want, you made it less limiting but it’s still limited to variations of the original color pallete.


I love that this is finally possible! :tada:

I am a little perturbed that there is no advanced option on the frontend to allow people to simply input a hex code or something, or regular RGB sliders. If it’s possible in the API, providing a baby-mode ultra simplified slider and nothing else is really underwhelming. There’s an advanced mode, it belongs in there.

Will this be coming to the web frontend any time soon? I use this exclusively.


You can do that with the API.



Does this Mean we can use any color we want now? I am so excited for this, we have been limited for years. this is one of the best avatar updates