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Well, you have to contact our support team to delete a center for security reasons; this allows us to validate some stuff on our side.

That’s cool with us. We also have a public developer API, and soon we’re going to give out account API tokens which will allow for user-based actions. We’re also coming out with a Trello interface soon; along with the ability to send applications via our website.

I know that already, but what im asking is what if adminstrators contact support to delete your center?

They can only delete the center if they have the owner permission, which you can give. The owner permission is the literal equivalent to being the owner of the center.

I don’t see an owner permission?
no owner

Oop, looks like Simpy has moved my stuff around. Then Admin may be owner perms, let me check in a little bit when I’m back at my machine.

Progression update: our web application centers are getting somewhere:
Home Page: where you view all the applications

Application Page: where you answer questions.

Edit: you choose a subdomain for your web application, this is a in-development feature; will update post on release.


Another update! We’ve just released our new Application Center GUI [which I didn’t want to show before hand, because it did not look good!]. Note that some things are still going to change, but this is its current state.

[dropdown dropped down]

Typing speed test

Sending an application

Sent application in which I failed…


Wooot woot! You can now create a invite link, and only allow people of a certain rank and above in a group to use it!

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Awesome. What about making it so if you are x rank or above get access to the center.

This would require sending a lot of HTTP requests to Roblox, and I don’t want to be to spammy :slight_smile:

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So if someone is fired (no longer x rank required) and joined via the invite would they be removed?

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No, that has to be done manually.

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This might be a start of something every might use xd its interface is neat and cool


Personally, I am quite loving myCenter.
I’ve been a staff there for some time now and they treat their staff very nice and well. I just love myCenter. It’s neat and easy to use.



Wooooohoooo! A new feature has released!

You can now customize the design of your center!


myCenter is now one-year old!

Thank you to all of our users who have stuck with us through the past year! Here’s to the new year!


Oh. My. God. I don’t think I’ve seen a better system than this.
It looks so well made. Well done, @sloss2003!


Thank you for creating this amazing service! It’s easier and I’m glad I no longer need to put up with google lol.


myCenter has just reenabled the creation of Roblox bots!