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Hello, I am the creator of myCenter, a Roblox Application Service accessible here. We’ve just released V5 – known as DarkBright because it now has a little tick on the top right that allows you to enable dark mode, we kind of based everything around it. Every version has been an entire rewrite from the ground up, meaning nothing stayed. Now, I don’t think you care too much about that but let me tell you EVERYTHING I possibly can about it. Pictures, please…

We now have a tutorial for your watching here!


Here is our dashboard, here you can access your centers and centers that are shared with you – which there are permissions levels to this, but we’ll get back to this later. On the navigation bar, you can also see the Group Bots page, this is our extensive API that allows you to manage your groups.
Center Dashboard / Applications

Here you can see all of your applications, along with other pages such as center staff, bans, and admin. The only thing I need to cover here is the staff and admin page – bans are pretty self-explanatory.

Adding a Staff Member

An Application Administrator has full access over the center, they are the equivalent of owning the center – they have full-reign.
A manager has basic admin permissions, but this is limited to applications – creating questions and such.
A viewer can only see applications, and decline/accept/comment on them.

Admin Page

Here you can re-download your center after you have created the center. Change the name and description. Most importantly, you have the center integration and audit logs – which is new in Version 5. Roblox integration allows us to rank users in your group automatically based off our quiz mode feature, or if you accept, decline, or report an application; or if an application is sent. Our discord integration allows you to read, send, and manage applications from Discord, and soon will allow you to automatically rank people. You can add staff to your center, or remove them.

Application Page

This is our response home page, this is where you will spend most of your time. Here you can read over applications, and see information about a user. quick note we’ve had a few questions: sometimes you’ll get a suspicious tag, this means the user has been reported two times or banned from two centers for any reason.

excuse the horrible scaling, had to zoom out to fit it all…

Where you create your questions and manage them.

Where you adjust the application permissions.

This is the AUTOMATION page, this is where you manage all automated actions with that application. You can download an interview bot that will interview the player in Roblox automatically as soon as they sit down in a seat. Quiz Mode will take in a few correct answers from you, and you will assign a minimum grade to pass the application, once the user applies it will automatically grade and tell them the result of their application. The very bottom is for your Roblox bot.

Some pictures of our Discord Integration.


This is a picture of me sending an application from Discord.

Information about the actual service


We’re entirely free, and we offer support on Discord – once again for free – at any time of day. Here is a picture of a ticket sent in today.

We opened back in January of 2019, and have grown to be something bigger than I ever expected. We have grown over a long time, and we’re ready for 2020. Thanks for reading, and hopefully we’ll see you soon!


I can vouch for the excellency of this. I was a BETA Tester for it. It is REALLY REALLY GOOD. Better than the previous version.


A few questions:

  • How can we trust the reliability of this service? Is there SLA for large groups (eg 179k+)?
  • How can we be sure it wouldn’t crash under intense load?
  • Would our account be terminated if there’s a sudden spike in usage? Would it cost if there is?
  • How can we trust you, or your associates, not to manipulate data against our will?
  • Is your servie open source?

EDIT: I'd also like to ask some questions regrading security
  • Do you offer 2FA, and a way to require it for users?
  • How do you encrypt/hash passwords/data? What algorithm?
  • Do you have a bug bounty progroam?
  • Do you use CORS/Content Security Policy?
  • What other steps do you take to protect customer data and your services, cybersecurity wise?

1:) Well, we’re about to start load balacing across multiple servers to meet demands. There is no agreement for groups, but we do allow them to partner with us to get a custom bot.

2:) Check 1. It has yet to happen.

3:) Nope, we’re free forever.

4:) We only use Google Analytics. We’re very careful with our data. But trusting us is up to you your self.

5:) Back-End no, but we do have our module public, and we allow anyone to use our APIs.


2FA is in the works as we speak.
No, we use a service to find bugs in our services; and we allow people to look for bugs IF they ask permission.
Yes, we use CORS.
We use a firewall to block incoming connections to the server. We use Cloudflare for DDOS protection. Not going to go to far into this though.

I can vouch for this service.

My and my friend were doing some testing of the service (with @sloss2003’s permission) and we put it under some pretty serious load. It stayed up fine as far as we could tell with 0 interruption of traffic. After about 6 or so hours of testing we found only a few vulnerabilities (I will not disclose them) and they were patched up fast!

I really recommend the service - since Terabyte Services there hasn’t really been anything better unless you have the skill set to make your own.


From what I’ve been told by users, the site (or at least, an older version of it) exhibits slowness and crashes, or is ‘always’ down for maintanence.

Moreover, reviewing your ToS/Privacy Policy says that you, and your assocates (‘we’), have full authorisation to manipulating user data, and permissions to share it with third parties.


It’s a TOS we use, I have not updated it for a while, and it’s Termly. I’ll change that; but we don’t use any advertising platform, nor have we shared information with anyone. We won’t do that.

Yes, we’ve had a ton of issues in the past, which is why DarkBright has been released. We’re working hard to put an end to all these issues and provide a stable and great product. We’ve don’t go down for maintenance a lot either, if we are going down it is very momentary typically a server restart - rare - or updating SSL certificates.


Update: 2-Factor has officially been released.


Love this version, so much cleaner than the last version and you’ve put so much effort into it.


Thank you, I’ve had two people contribute to make it amazing! @SimplyCon – UI development – and @joeldes – for the basic layout design


Is there a way to require it for a group’s application readers? Similar to what services like GitHub offer.

What do you mean? I don’t understand, sorry!

Is there a way for me, a group administrator, to enforce 2FA for those who would read my group’s applications?

So that way people can’t read the apps unless they have 2FA enabled.

It’s not a feature we actively have, but we can definitely create an enforcement system for it.


the frontend is very nice, and pleasing to the eyes, however when I try to implement the application center into a game, the application interface doesn’t show up, any suggestions to what to do?

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Yeah, that’s highly unusual. If you don’t mind please create a ticket on our discord. We provide support there and have a dedicated team ready to assist you. It’s working for me, and I’m not seeing any bug-reports for centers right now.

i’ll redownload it and check if it works.

It is nice to know that there has been some intensive testing of the service. Do you mind elaborating on how you tested it? For example, how many requests were sent and what was the ping under the heavy load.

On a separate note, I would personally use Terabyte Services considering their upcoming website, full-fledged web API for customization, and a desktop application. You can view more details regarding this on their website containing the TBS2020 Statement.


Thanks for your interest! I will need permission from @sloss2003 to release any more information about the testing, unfortunately. When testing I made a strict agreement to not reveal any information without his approval.

Yeah, I’ve already seen TBS2020. It looks pretty cool - I guess we’ll have to see where it goes :smile:

Do they still have permission to delete the center?