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NAAP 2.0 is out with a great new feature, Aligner!

  • Align parts and models in your model linear or orbital way, resize, rotate etc.

Update your NAAP Plugin or get it now if you haven’t got it yet!

This tool requires a bit more attention but it can give really creative result!
To keep things simple, I’ll write a new post (out of this thread) with some instructions later today.

I’ve made a YouTube tutorial for it too + at least one new tutorial will come in the following days.

Disclaimer: this feature is in beta, very probably you’ll be the first users of it :slight_smile:
I ask some patient if you find any strange behavior or result.
Just drop a short feedback if it happens!

Do you like NAAP plugin? Drop a line telling us what is your favorite module and, as always, consider supporting this project!


Hello Guys!

I’ve received great news from Roblox Team: from now on, NAAP Plugin is available on the official Roblox Plugin Marketplace!

Thanx for ALL OF YOU for supporting this project with download/use/like/share/feedback and so on! It’s a sooooo great community!

No question, NAAP plugin remains free :slight_smile: but I still ask you to consider supporting this project.


Very handy because now I don’t need to script the destruction physics, but I can just make them parts to be destructable!!


Ty you for your feedback! This is probably the most popular feature of the plugin, even if it knows 100 extra features :slight_smile: (As far as I see from the feedbacks and from the viewing numbers of the realted YouTube videos)

Important change is coming!

TLDR: NAAP plugin won’t be free from 2022. Price to be decided.

NAAP Plugin installations count is over 1000, that is a great and almost unbelievable milestone to me. Thank you for all!

While the plugin has a positive reputation and it still has growing weekly installation numbers, the donation “business model” is a total failure. The test was not successful.

In the beginning, the plugin generated appr. 300 Robux from 4-5 users - thank you for them! - but for the last 5 months it made 0 Robux from 1000+ new users.

2 months ago I released two NAAP tools as separete widgets in dockable plugins (AutoWelder and MSCP). They are not free but - luckily - many developers downloaded them and are happy with them. I think that this is a better monetization model and give me some motivation to develop and update the plugins from time to time.

So, after some months of thinking, I made the decision: from 1st of January, the full featured NAAP plugin will cost some Robux too. Price to be decided, it won’t be an expensive one, but it won’t be free any more.

Thank you for your understanding!

May you agree or disagree with this change, may you have any suggestion / experience, just leave a comment below!


v3.1 released (cosmetics):

  • Plugin button image & label changed

Add character loader! I would really like that



TY for your feedback!
There is a free plugin for character loading already (I guess you know about it too).

I can really consider this if you (or anyone else who read this post :slight_smile: ) give me some extra idea that would make this tool more than the existing plugin.

I think that adding the custom character loader would be great! It would just be more helpful to have it in the same plug-in instead of having multiple open. Maybe you could even add a option to create a character in the plug-in then load it into the game! If so I think that would bring in a lot of gfx designers to your plug-in!

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Hello again,

Ok, it is clear, ty for clarification!

Now I have an idea (not just what is written above, but sg in my mind), I think I can add some extra value to a simple loader!

I’ll make it as a proof of concept plugin first (won’t be included immediately in NAAP, but can be tried indepently). If it works as intended, it will be available as a separate tool and included in NAAP too. I try to make it in days, keep in touch!

Well, Looks pretty cool but it costs Robux. :neutral_face:

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I feel like this would be a good idea. However, instead of removing all meshes, converting them to MeshParts would be much better. Just make sure that it saves the size of the part containing the mesh before applying the mesh, because Roblox automatically resets the size of meshparts after meshes are applied.

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1200+ installations, thank You guys!


1500+ Installations, TY!

A small 2022 compatibility check has been done, NAAP plugin is still in its best :slight_smile:


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It would be very good to add a scanner of objects and terrain and more… that passes it to blocks so we could also make gigantic land thank you very much for reading

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Hi Developers,

NAAP Plugin is still on its best, I have tested all tools in it.
May you find any issue, just write a post here.

p.s. close to 2000 installations, TY!


Hello Guys!

I’m extremely excited to introduce you the next generation NAAP Plugin, called
NAAP Plus!

You can find it on the marketplace / toolbox beside NAAP plugin.

I decided to keep NAAP plugin untouched (and still available) as too many things will be changed / added in the Plus version I don’t want to shock current users :smiley:

Just a short highlight of NAAP Plus:

  • All tools are available in Roblox Studio not only in Edit mode but during game runtime!
  • Some of my smaller plugins will be included in the Plus version - I mean ones that are not worth 100 R for most of you but they have great value in a package. I’m working to add BetterSnap and Asset Crawler for the first time and some will follow.
  • NEW FEATURES will be added soon - I have some alpha version, I can’t mention them now but you’ll like them :slight_smile:
  • GUI has been slightly revamped
  • Small patches, minor bugfixes
  • Same price as NAAP plugin by end of November/2023!

More information and YT videos will come in the next weeks!


Hello Developers and Creators!

NAAP Plus v1.1 is out!
Asset Crawler module has been added with the same functionality as the beta plugin has.
Small bug fixes
More transparent area, more compact interface


Hello, im having a problem with the tool, whenever i try to weld a group with lot of parts in it, it offsets almost all of the parts by slighty. i tested that and the cause was of the welded. since theres lot of parts its really hard to revert all of that.
this was rewelded multiple times, and it probably stacked, thats why the offsets are big.