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NAAP Plugin

(NAAP: Welder, Asset finder, Model builder & editor - Roblox)


Existing functions in recent version:

  • Model to Parts: Convert any model into Minecraft-like blocks!
  • Welder: Create automatic welds, add primary part, remove scripts and welds in any model or tool
  • Mechanics: edit Motor6D and Motor C0/C1 values of any model via a GUI
  • Finder: find objects linked to a specific assetID / contentID or do a free search for any text
  • Asset Viewer: check all assets of your model or tool grouped by classtype
  • Animator: check all animations of your model real-time in editor, test with any AnimationId
  • Aligner: align parts and models in a model linear or orbital way, resize, rotate etc.
  • Add/Remove primary part
  • Remove scripts
  • Remove welds
  • Anchor parts
  • Weld parts
  • Make backup

Set your preferred options and enjoy the 100% automatic conversions!
NAAP is your great multi-functional model plugin.
Updates, new functions come on regular basis!

Tip: when installed, use the “Menu” icon to expand/collapse NAAP’s menu!

Install plugin

Tip: Roblox will ask for script permission for NAAP plugin. You can safely allow it: the plugin works with the selected model only. May you choose to modify the original model, a backup is available.

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Important change!
After 6 months of free availability, NAAP plugin is not free from 2022, price has been set to 50 Robux. Thank you for your understanding, details in the late December 2021 post.

About the Plugin

Screenshots of the main modules (current version maybe different)



Key NAAP features:

Model to Parts

  • Scalable scanning resolution
  • Works with any part, model, union, mesh within the base model
  • Monochrome / Greyscale mode (optional)

Remark: This is the former “Model Scan & Convert Plugin (MSCP) v1.2” plugin.


  • Parts can be welded to PrimaryPart or to the closest part
  • Add/replace PrimaryPart
  • Remove all existing welds from the model
  • Remove (undo) welds added by this plugin
  • Overwrite mode with backup option


  • Edit Motor and Motor6D joins C0/C1 values via GUI
  • Visualize C0/C1 join points
  • Semi-hide parent model to check C0/C1 values are proper


  • Find objects that are linked to a specific asset ID / content ID

  • TextureID, TextureId, Texture, BaseTextureId, OverlayTextureId, SoundId, AnimationId, ColorMap, MeshId, CageMeshId, MeshID, ReferenceMeshId, PackageId, CharacterAppearanceId, SunTextureId, MoonTextureId, SkyboxBk, SkyboxDn, SkyboxFt, SkyboxLf, SkyboxRt, SkyboxUp, ShirtTemplate, PantsTemplate, Graphic, Video

  • Can search in scripts too

  • From v1.63: free search to find any text in selected object(s)

Asset Viewer

  • Check all assets of your model or tool grouped by classtype


  • Check all animations within your model real-time in Roblox Studio while editing your game
  • While playing the animation, you can use Mechanics module to modify joints real-time!
  • Check your model with any animation (entering its AnimationId) using Test button


  • Align parts and models in your model linear or orbital way, resize, rotate etc.


  • Easy to use: intuitive menu system, draggable window, can be minimized when not in use
  • Safe to use: functions work on a new model/clone without changing the original one
  • Productive: you can check model info in all functions (number of parts, scripts, welds, etc.)

Install plugin

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NAAP v1.0 was released on 11/06/2021.

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Thank You!


Cosmetic update: a small visual glitch has been fixed in opening/closing “Welder” menu.


Thanks for the great plugin!


Thank you for the video, great one! :slight_smile:


v1.1 Released!

New options in Welder function:

  • Option to overwrite existing model
  • Option to backup the original model (available in Overwrite mode only)

Backup models are placed in ReplicatedStorage/NAAP.


v1.2 Released!

New option in Welder function:

  • Remove scripts from model

Screenshot 2021-06-14 065037


v1.3 Released!

New in Welder function:

  • Weld parts to parent part (useful when parts are not in a model but children of a basepart)
  • Some Welder functions are available not in Model object only (when applicable)

Bug fixes:

  • LocalScripts were counted double in script count information
  • “Snap” class was not counted in weld count information and was not cleared with weld remover



Very well made plugin, I’d recommend it, 10/10!

Keep up the great work my dude!


A small bugfix:

  • Model to Parts “Show ScanBox” button malfunction when mouse left while button pressed - Fixed
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The plugin is great! I used it in my game and it is working really well!


Great news, thank you for your feedback!
I’m 90% done with a new function, update is coming soon!


NAAP v1.4 New feature!

Motor6D Editor (Beta)

This is the biggest update since NAAP v1.0!
The very unique Motor6D Editor tool has been added.
Check out the new “Mechanics” menu!


Currently works with Motor6D Position only, other joins and CFrame values will come soon!

How to use?

Select any Motor6D object and set its C0/C1 values via NAAP’s GUI!
A real “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) tool, try it and you’ll love it!

Please consider it is a very new feature in beta phase, you may encounter unexpected behaviour!

May you find any bug or cosmetic, please let me know!
May you have any suggestion, let me know!

Do you like it?
Please consider donate this project (via support game) to keep the plugin updated!



Are you going to add a greedy mesh feature for the voxels?


I think you mean Model to parts function.
I plan to make a part optimization, meaning sg similar than greedy mesh feature.
Actually it was not in the focus, but I try to work it out soon.


A small update released:

  • LookVector visualization added to Mechanics module (Motor6D editor)


v1.41 released

  • Mechanics module:
    “Motor” support added (Motor6D and Motor classes are supported from now)


I prepared a demo video for this plugin showing how to make a working robot from a scammed, virus bloated free model:


A small bugfix released:
In Mechanics module / Semi-hide model:

  • not all parts have been semi-hidden (fixed)
  • transparent parts got semi-visible in Semi-hide mode (fixed)

v1.5 Released!

New module - AssetID Finder (beta):

  • Find objects in your game that are linked to a specific asset by asset ID
  • Extremely useful when you get warning/error message in Studio with an asset ID only
  • This finder may find objects that CTRL+ SHIFT + F won’t find
  • Option to search in a specific model or in the whole game


Currently works with MeshID, TextureID, SoundID, Texture, AnimationID.
May you need to find more asset types, just let me know!

Any feedback is welcome.

Do you like this plugin? Please donate to keep the plugin developed!

p.s. for Phoenixwhitefire on reddit: I make the plugin :slight_smile:


A small update is out for v1.5:

  • AssetID Finder now finds objects with ColorMap property as well
  • Finder works with: MeshID, TextureID, SoundID, Texture, AnimationID, ColorMap