Naming your game and presenting it to the public


During my 4 years on Roblox, I have seen many games, that I’ve enjoyed and played a lot for a single reason. The title and thumbnail were appealing to me and made me click it. And when I say appealing, I am not talking about clickbaity or scam titles/thumbnails that might mislead the user, but a title that gives out the essence of the game in a playful but effective way, and a thumbnail that shows that the game might actually be enjoyable for me. And in this guide, I thought I would help other developers customize their game on how it will be presented to the public.


There are a lot of games on the front page obviously that have achieved this and present their way in a playful and effective way. Here are some examples:

Adopt Me: Great and effective title as the game’s audience is significantly young, and the thumbnail always reveals what the game is about as well as the newest updates. Overall, pretty appealing and aesthetically pleasing to the user’s eye.

Jailbreak: The name itself, gives away the essence and the objective of the game, which Is to escape jail. In the background, we can see a simple sentence that informs the user what the game is all about in a simple and fun way.

Do it yourself

In order to show you how to do it, I will be using an imaginary game, but the steps are pretty much the same for every game on Roblox.

So, let’s pretend you have created a zombie survival game and you want to promote it to the public. You have narrowed down to 4 names:

  • Zombie Survival
  • Outbreak
  • Survive as many waves of zombies as you can
  • [UPDATE] [ALPHA] [CODES] Zombie Mayhem!

I will be giving feedback on each and every title and help you decide which one might be the best

1. Zombie Survival
I have mixed feelings for this title, as the title itself, suggests that the game is about surviving zombies. It pretty much gives out the seence of the game. However, if I am not really into zombies, I wouldn’t click on the game since it would sound really dull and boring. I would simply move on.

2. Outbreak
If I were the developer who made the game, I would really go with this game. It reveals that there is an outbreak of (something?) and you need to survive it. While the title himself may not be that complete, coupled with the thumbnail, you can achieve the perfect title for your game!

3. Survive as many waves of zombies as you can
And I am being serious. While this name might sound ridiculous to someone, there are games in Roblox that actually use it:

(Not trying to be offensive to the developer/s)

And always make sure that your title is within the spectrum of the icon, so it doesn’t cut off.

4. [UPDATE] [ALPHA] [CODES] Zombie Mayhem
Someone may think that this might belong to the super long title mentioned above, but it deserves a category of its own since many developers on Roblox tend to flood their title with tags and/or emojis. Always make sure you have a clean title and refrain from using tags as much as possible.

So, if I was the developer, I would definitely go with the title Outbreak. Moving on I would like to point out some minor details to watch out for when finalizing your game’s description:

  • Always make sure to keep your users updated with the latest changelog. I would suggest a link to a DevForum topic (recommended), but writing it straight up in the game’s description will also do.

  • Using emojis in your description is fine, as it makes it more playful and alive. However, make sure not to overdo it as it may clog the game’s description.

As for the game’s icon make sure to make a GFX that clearly demonstrates the purpose and objective of this game. There are plenty of GFX creators you can find on the DevForum.

Just some tips you can use. ^^


I hope this topic can inspire and help some people who are having trouble deciding a name for their Roblox game. If so, let me know below, or post any feedback. Stay safe, everyone! :grinning:


Interesting, thanks for the tutorial, never seen someone do something like this before. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hey! I have a game name but I dont knoe if its good or not, it’s called “Noob Invasion”. Is that a good game name? Thanks!

It depends on what the game is about.

Hey there. The name “Noob Invasion” sounds pretty good to me. It isn’t boring or plain and could easily attract audience to your game. However, the game’s name might be a bit too common or overused as there are other games that come up when you search “noob invasion” on the search engine;

Now I can imagine that your game could be easily confused with others on the list, that might have more players than yours. If it doesn’t bother you, I am totally okay with it. However, if it does, you might want to go with another name.

How about, “Guest Resistence” (My game is about joining a party with friends or join a random party, and getting sent to a map. Your objective is to protect the statue from enemy noobs [ You are a guest ] if you kill a noob you get money depending on the noob, use the money to buy the armory to get better guns. And also buy defences such as a sniper tower, guard post, rocket cannon, etc)

I have a game and i named it TheObby its nice?

In my opinion this sounds boring, try to highlight the unique things of your game in the tittle.
You will also have a lot of completion in the search engine.

cool tutorial! this is very useful.

I can name it ObbyWorld? Or ObbyGame

All of these sound a bit too generic and will have zero competition in the search engine. Try looking for something more creative that would appeal to the player’s eye and catch their interest. If your game has a catch, other than it being a simple obby, try to showcase it in the title in a non-direct, but also fun way.

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The one common practice that drives me up the wall is people having “UPDATE [number]” in the icon and title.

That seems like a cool name with a cool concept, i just dont know whether its name will fit with the theme to be honest

I recon thats pretty good to be honest