NaNo Reality Lighting (BETA)

NaNo Reality Lighting is a graphic’s enhancer for roblox.

It is free and you can test it right here: prueba - Roblox

Download it here: GitHub - 666-NEX/NaNo-RL

NaNo’s discord: NaNo Innovations (any feedback is received)

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any pictures to demonstrate?



How does it enhance the Lighting? Is it just pre-set Lighting Properties?

From the image it only looks like the Bloom has been cranked up, however I can’t test the example right now on this computer.

any explanation how this lighting u made works?

You need to have a side by side so we know what the difference is


It basically uses raycast for some things.

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You have to use Shadow Map Technology

It has Sun flare, Global illumination, Volumetric illumination (based in other script), Ray Compensation

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Why are you being so undescriptive? Other than that; why use a server script to place a local script in a player’s Gui. Why not just… i dont know, place it there?


It’s still in a beta phase, we’ll optimize it and make it better in a future

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I think it’s a good idea to be doing this, Roblox doesn’t really have such a complete lighting system, but your package can provide it.

Keep doing a good job!


Thank you! we’ll keep going and try to help other devs :muscle: