Nano | The Non-intrusive Admin Panel

The first version of Beta has just released, and the following has been added to Nano with it;

+ Favourited Commands
You can now add commands to your favourites by pressing on the Star on them.

+ Search Bar
Trouble finding a command? You can now search for it using the search bar.

+ Accent Colours
You can now allow (or force) players to use a custom accent colour of their choosing,
instead of being stuck with the (lets admit, very boring) blue colour.

+ Return types
Commands can now show when they failed without sending an error notification.

+ Command Sendable variable
You can now disallow commands from being sent using the UI.
[Command.Sendable = false]

+ OnOpen function
You can now add a function within the commands to fire when they are opened by a
[Command.OnOpenServer = function()]
- note from binary; extremely unstable as of now

+ API Integration [Part 1]
Added an option to add an API key and store your data on the servers
instead of Roblox' data store service. Useful for if you want to synchronize
settings between multiple games.

+ Settings Validator
The settings will now be checked automatically in order to detect the game 
owner's mistakes. Some will fix themselves, but some will require manual
intervention by the game developer(s).

Basically, I think we’ll have fun with this.
See you all in the next update!

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Beta 1.1 has been released, reducing some code smell while also increasing performance.

! Commands now execute faster!
It will not be noticeable at first, but reducing bloat can really increase performance.

+ Better Modding Support [Part 1]
Added library api.EventFunction in order to create better modding support.
You can find an example using the library here;

+ CloudAPI library tweaks
Player checks will now stop once they leave, removing the unnecessary HTTP calls
which could leave the game(s) with no HTTP access at all!
Additionally, added ndat:Cancel() in order to allow cancelling of listen events.

--- Settings Validator edits;
Settings Validator has been tweaked only show warnings instead of erroring (halting the load) if 3 or more errors are found.

Practically, this update could prove useful for a few games while looking completely useless for others… and honestly speaking, this update was only pushed because a certain popular game tried to meddle around with Nano, which scared me and my low-budget API lol. Yes, I know you’re reading this, testcombo.


Tbh I am probably going to use this for my game. (This is because Simple admin brokie)


Hey, that’s awesome! Glad you’re enjoying our system :slight_smile:


SimpleAdmin is temporarily down. It’ll be back up soon.


Very neat, nice little project you have here, really like it.

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Anyway I prefer Nano because it is more easy to navigate as it is only UI

And yes I am enjoying your system, great help with people trolling etc. (even though our game is WIP)

Due to an emergency patch we had to release, Beta 1.2 has been pushed earlier than expected, therefore a few features may be lacking;

+ Nano now has Redefine:A's 2FA system!
If you are in the server, you can now use the bot's :ra auth command in 
order to enable 2FA for both Nano and Redefine:A.

+ Gamepass check-type has been added
You can now use {Gamepass = 1; FlagGroup = FLAGS}; for gamepass commands!

+ Visual Notifications queue.
You can now spam yourself with notifications and still be able to see how many are

image image

Some fixes have also been pushed alongside this update
! Fixed SettingsValidator falsely flagging correct Group setups, despite being correctly built.
+ Added tonumber() on Group ranks table because some people can't put numbers instead of strings.
! Minor ChatCommand module tweaks.
! Minor UI tweaks.

And @DevHue & @dp_3347; Thank you for the feedback!

Beta 1.2A and Beta 1.3 have been released;

Beta 1.2A
Fixed Group settings unable to create the correct FlagGroup for the users when they are in their corresponding ranks.
Beta 1.3
+ Added field.Updated function.
It takes player, api, newval as the passed values.
In order to use it, use the following function;

Changed = function(player, api, newvalue)

+ Added an extra script-error icon for when the commands error.
no, it's not the rat :eyes:

! Fixed dropdown not sending the selected value. (Not sending it's values to the command.)
! Fixed OnOpen not being sent. (The remote was activated, but it didn't trigger the functions.)
! Fixed Gamepass-Bound admin not working as expected. (Giving the flags only half of the time.)
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Oh one other thing, would you be able to add a possible give command from replicated storage for say guns and keycards? I just have to use admin systems like HD admin etc for said command.

I could make the command and send it to you privately, as the commands are all based on what you have in the loader.

That sounds great! I would like that if you could do so!

About the “NANO” button on the screen, does it show it to everyone or only admins?

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The Nano button is only visible to those who have the UI permission set to true. Those who have it disabled will not be able to use the UI, but they will still get all notifications, messages and hints, and may be able to use the (work in progress) Game Settings UI if they have the Chat permission.

EDIT: no, they wont be able to afterall.

Hey ya’ll, thanks for waiting (if you did).

BETA_PRE2 has just been released, introducing a few new features as well as the most anticipated one; the Game Settings panel.

The panel is still work in progress, so the UI for it is experimental.

Remember, you can join either of our Discord Community servers in order to get updates as soon as they happen. [ SME | Axelius ]

With all that said, here’s the PRE2 GitHub commit for the tinkerers here.

+ Added new 'Open Game Settings' button for those who have permission to do so.
The specific permission is 'Nano.GameSettings'

+ Added a separator for BaseSettings (settings that are in the 'Settings' module) and other settings (stuff that might come from functions and/or commands)
For those of you who might want to add editable settings in-game ;P

+ Added 'Settings Corrupted' message for datastore-based settings.
Basically for those who messed around with the settings in way they shouldn't have.
- note: might have false positives

+ Added negative permissions.
Adding a minus infront of a command will disable it, for example; "folder.*;-folder.Command" -> Command will be disabled for the user.

+ Added Private Message assets.
Already scripted and all, just no command yet. (coming soon-ish :L)
To initiate a private conversation, simply fire the API's remote like this:
+ Added 'NanoWorks' UI framework for the Settings panel of the system.
Custom built, from the ground up!

--- Fixed Settings.ChatCommands.Active not really doing it's job.
apparently this bug happened for some reason. idk.

+ ... and a handful more of QoL patches and updates which can be found in the GitHub commit.

“Change display name” doesn’t work.

I’ve fixed this, I had to recode it entirely because apparently in a recent update or something roblox has changed the permission level to change DisplayName from Server (Identity 2) to Core (Identity 4) so you can no longer change it with a script, bummer… It will be fixed and pushed with the next update :smiley: (it only changes the name shown above the player’s character unfortunately)

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you should take a gif of the tweens ngl

also great stuff i think ill use this in my game

There have been a few newer ‘candidate’ builds for BETA_PRE2, which are as follows;

Beta2 Candidates 2 and 3


+ New MCheat module thanks to ShhhhhhhhhhhBro. (Mentioned above)
Now using .self and better code readability.

! Fixed the Ban command.
It was broken. I don't even know what to say.

! Fixed the Time asset not being recognised by the Server. (Always returns "")
It now always returns a number, rather than an empty string.
Beta2 Candidate 4
+ New UI assets for the Game Settings UI.

+ New warn() system.
It now shows the error code as well as an explanation for the error.

! Credits section will now prioritise people who contributed more commands before alphabetically sorting the other contributors.
now gigs is no longer above the system creators because of a single command lol

! Updated loader with a few fixes to some commands.
Get the new loader, NOW!

- Removed unnecessary warnings that occasionally happened.
Primarily because of the Notifications queue.
Beta2 Candidate 5
+ Added MetaPlayer as an argument for commands; You can now use 'MetaPlayer' instead of 'Player' to gain better access to the player's functions.
player:Kill(), anyone? .-.

+ Added 'Mute' and 'Unmute' events for the players.
A reason to use the MetaPlayer module.

+ Added AccentColor influence on the "Open Game Settings" button in the client.
pink open game settings button? :flushed:

! Fixed Nano breaking if AccentColor.Forced is selected to be true for whatever reason.
The asset was missing I guess. Hey, at least now it's easier to change the color itself.

! New loader technique is now used.
Roblox fights with free model devs now. >:L

100% this is just me I reckon - sorry, I must be as blind as a bat, I can’t see anything in your Post, Settings, or Main Script that tells me how I could open the GUI? Just wanted to ask what key-bind or message, or whatever it is! :sweat_smile:

Also, when I try to run a chat command, I receive this error:

required_asset_9215279390.MainModule.MetaPlayer:122: attempt to index nil with 'Muted'

What have I done wrong now?

Sorry again.