Nature Hotels & Resorts Management Passers!

Nature Hotels | Management Passers


First and foremost, the Staffing Team would like to thank every one of you for taking your time to apply for Middle Rank. After going through lots of responses, we’ve selected 25 individuals who stood out. These individuals were selected by the Staffing Department and they’ve been approved by aa_xve & mussemma. The applicants will be ranked to Hotel Supervisor.

If you did not make it, don’t be discouraged. There are always new opportunities! We highly recommend you to try your best to get recommended if you did not pass this application. Without further ado, let’s welcome and congratulate these individuals!

Hotel Supervisor:

  • qtcherryy
  • jackkcxz
  • kpop023
  • 6_Logans
  • Bevec
  • catcomic1234
  • eyadogamer3000
  • siivenna
  • roseflowers961
  • aveyls
  • Svnny_ox
  • fandante2o
  • svnn_liqht
  • funnystorylol1
  • Connor123love
  • brodskyje
  • xLGxr
  • ansonchlai
  • thesport11number2
  • GermanWolf3D
  • PxeterGriffin
  • muffinlover001
  • Azq_12
  • Gamer_GirlyPlaysYT
  • bannanaop1056acount2

Congratulations if you’re on the list above! If you want a chance to expand your MR career, as well as be able to train at training sessions, you are expected to be in our Discord. If you do not have discord-- you will get less powers than others. You’ll be on trial for 3-5 days where we’ll monitor your activity and rank you down/up depending on this.

Nature Hotels | Information

As a Middle Rank here at Nature Hotels, you’re expected to do loads of stuff. You also have to complete your weekly requirements.

We cannot go further if you don’t have Discord, as it would be considered as leaking. However, if you don’t have Discord, we’ll be tracking your activity through Hyra. Otherwise, if you’re on Discord, you will be contacted shortly by a Staffing Member. Once again, congratulations if you’ve passed!

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