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Hi all! Hope you’re well.

This past week, I’ve launched my new flagship application centre software called Hyra. The concept of the platform was founded from the lack of quality, well-structured free application centres. The project has taken about 6 months to get fully complete, and has already got over 2,500 registered users in the first week.

The platform consists of 3 core components.

  • Application Centres :notebook_with_decorative_cover:
  • Activity Tracking :clock1:
  • Staff Management :hammer:

I designed each feature using my industry knowledge, while working with some of the largest groups, so the finished end product is a polished platform for growing and managing your staff team.

The platform is designed and follows Google’s Material Design framework, so elements feel fluid and visually appealing.

How it works

Each group can create a ‘Workspace’ - think of a workspace like a container for all of your applications, tracking and management.

Each workspace has several different pages to it, each which I will cover now.

The system is designed so that you add all of your MR+ to the workspace, and Hyra becomes the missing half of Discord, bringing powerful insights and information across your team.

These features are intended for MR+:

  • Feed
  • Messages
  • Activity

Information on them can be found below.

:postal_horn: Feed

Expand for information on feed

The feed is a hub for announcements and updates for your group. The feed has customisable permissions, and the ability to like the posts. We see groups using this to make updates about their activity requirements, as well as shouting out and praising users for working hard - it’s a more asynchronous way of communicating with your team. Shown below.

:speech_balloon: Messages

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An internal messaging solution for within your group, allowing you to send people messages regarding their warnings or anything you’d like.

You can distribute messages to people in huge batches, so this is a great way to get a targeted and personalised message across. An example of sending a message to an entire roleset is seen below.

:clock1: Activity

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Activity is a personalised look at your specific activity (the user which is logged in). The idea behind this page is that your MR team can see their activity (which is tracked to the second) and this motivates them to try harder, as they know that the HR team can see their activity and will assess them based on that.

The activity panel also features a flagship request time off feature, allowing your team to create inactive notices in a simple, clean and user-friendly way. These can then be reviewed by your HR+ Team. A screenshot of the form MR will use is below.

The features are intended for your HR+:

  • Staffing
  • Candidates

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Staff

Expand for information on staff

I appreciate that there is a lot of information in this section. I did not want to miss anything out.

The Staffing Page is a way to:

  • Look up a specific user
  • Complete distributions
  • Viewing your most active staff
  • Seeing inactive users and reviewing inactive notices
  • Seeing users which are in game

The page is laid out with all of your roles

You can also search for a specific user

You can also see who’s on inactive notices, who’s coming up on an inactive notice and view time off requests.

As well as your top performing and in game

Staff roles are displayed on a table, where you can see their activity, warnings, promotions, status and when they were last seen all at a glance.

The distributions feature is done here. A distribution is like a weekly ‘checklist’ that you complete to ensure people are active. We have an article explaining what each action does here.

All users receive profiles, where you can store information on them (such as the information you’d keep on your Trello)

Activity truly comes to life with our advanced graphing system, so you can easily see if a user’s performance is increasing, and thus worthy of a promotion.

Activity is tracked to the second, and you can see who is playing in real time.


You can also issue warnings and promote/demote a specific user in the logbook. Promotions and demotions are done automatically and you never need to use the group admin.

:thinking: How does the activity tracking work?
The activity tracking is done via a script that you install via a loader.

The system tracks when players join and leave your games.

:memo: Candidates

Expand for information on candidates

Candidates are where you review applications you have received.

The reviewing pane is incredibly contextual and has lots of features that teams find useful.

Some of these features include:

Built-in grammar and spelling checker.


Select all and bulk actions.

Detailed profile

We also calculate a ‘Score’ using an algorithm which allows you to pick up on abusive applicants.

The candidate system features automated ranking.

For your SHRs we have jobs and admin

:briefcase: Jobs

Expand for information on jobs

The jobs editor is very similar to Google Forms. It allows you to quickly and easily put together a job application.

The system features entry requirements, reapply rules and quiz mode.

As well as permissions and automated ranking.

:hammer_and_pick: Admin

Ability to change colours of website to fit your group

Feed permissions



Centres are used to house your jobs so that people can apply. They feature customisation.

As well as the ability to add and remove jobs.

Conclusion :checkered_flag:

I’d love to see you check out Hyra as I feel like it will definitely help you with your group. We’re currently being used by big names like:

  • Koala Association
  • Roblox’s Got Talent ™
  • Emerald Theatre
  • Little Angels Daycare
  • Kohaú
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Blau Hotels & Resorts
  • Blox World (Disneyland Robloxia)
  • Teethyz Dentist
  • Bakiez Bakery

If you have any questions just let me know and I’ll be happy to assist.

Check out Hyra at https://hyra.work

Stay safe! :smile:


Cool, though I’ll most likely stick to services like myCenter or RocketApps


That’s a shame. Is there something about myCenter/RocketApps that draws you to it instead of Hyra? I’m interested in all feedback, good or bad.


I just know the people who run them


No worries. I’d definitely recommend giving Hyra a try though, as there are a lot of features that make running your group a breeze compared to the likes of Trello. Hyra isn’t just for applications.


Hyra is an amazing activity tracker! Roblox’s Got Talent will be using it to monitor admin activity in-game.

I 100% recommend Hyra if you are looking for an easy and simple activity tracker for your game.


Thanks for your kind feedback, really appreciate it! :heart_eyes:


Hyra’s a definite gamechanger in the group management world! Glad to be apart of the team.


I’ll be sure to try it! I have one question, for the applications, do people apply on the website or is it actually a game you can join on Roblox to apply?


It is a game that you can join on ROBLOX to apply.


Woah dude! This is so underrated! I wish I could sponsor this somewhere but I don’t have any platforms to sponsor it to! Keep up this amazing work!


This sounds really good, especially the activity monitoring section, will see if I can implement it in one of my friends (@Ty_IsHomeSchooled) games.


I look forward to you using it.


Thank you, I can see this being useful on many games, good luck in the future! The organisation is so helpful, I used to use MyCenter for a little while when I was working for some cafe groups but this is certainly a step up!


I also would like to mention that you’ve done a fantastic job on the UI! When you create applications, the UI is almost exactly like Google Forms. This helps for people to make an easy and fast transition.


That was the intention. Working on a new jobs system right now actually with loads more features. Should be coming out sometime next year.


Looks Great!

Just wondering about the security of the system/how can I make sure I can trust it.


It runs on Firestore, and uses Google Identity Platform for logins. All data is then kept behind Firestore Security rules and synced group permissions are updated every 2 hours.

There are 3 tier permission levels. Typically for MR, HR, and SHR. Each with more progression on the privileges they receive.

All ranking requests through API are logged and you can view the logs at any time.

There currently isn’t audit logging for features which are not classified as sensitive, although this is on the way soon.


Alright, thanks for clarifying that.

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You’re welcome. If you have any further questions about security/data just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to clear them up. :slight_smile: