Nature2D - 2D Physics Engine for UI Elements

Hi I’m encountering an issue. Whenever I’m trying to make the canvas in the middle of my screen, all the RigidBody’s move slightly and messes up the hitboxes. I’ve tried using :CreateCanvas() but to no avail.

Engine:CreateCanvas(Interface.Main.AbsolutePosition, Interface.Main.AbsoluteSize, Interface.Main) and Engine.canvas.frame = Interface.Main

Centered + Code preview

Non centered

Main frame / Canvas

Centering the main frame/canvas via offset or scale causes this issue, any help or feedback would be amazing!

What is the process to create ropes?

2D Roblox (this stuff is crazy i can make 2D Games so easy now)
(4) 2D Roblox - Roblox (WASD for controls)

Try Using (4) GuiCollisionService - Roblox its great for player physics

im trying to make poly bridge with nature 2d how would get the ui element from the a point that i clicked on or something

Is it possible to use this in the background for a pixel-based rendering engine rather than just using UI frames to display it?

I want to try this out with CanvasDraw

what kind of superpower is this!?