Need a non-deprecated API callback for Developer Product Purchase Prompt closing

Currently the API callback PromptProductPurchaseFinished() is officially deprecated from MarketplaceService.
However, the replacement API callback PromptPurchaseFinished() does not support any way of checking if the Product Purchase Prompt got closed/cancelled.

Can we get an API callback for this missing feature that’s perhaps something along the lines of:
MarketplaceService:PromptPurchaseClosed(player, assetID)

Edit: Thank you for the clarification from SOTR654 and colbert2677, the deprecation messages confused me + I’m an idiot

The third value of PromptPurchaseFinished is if the player buy it or not


PromptProductPurchaseFinished is only marked as deprecated to discourage developers from using it to process product purchases instead of ProcessReceipt. It’s not actually deprecated and you’re expected to use this if you want to check for closed purchase prompts on products.

Heard this one from an IX Associate. See:


It would be nice if the deprecation mark was removed and replaced with something more “fitting” since this discourages developes from using it assuming it’s “not supported” instead of “not the correct way to handle purchases”

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