PromptPurchaseFinished asks developers to use a deprecated method for checking purchase dialogue closes

ETA Jan. 13th 2023: As of Release 557, this is no longer accurate.

Page: MarketplaceService | Roblox Creator Documentation

PromptPurchaseFinished page:

PromptProductPurchaseFinished page:


In my opinion it’s hard to ask this documentation to be removed. The deprecated event can be so necessary and it’s important to be able to find it. I think this documentation should stay, and we should instead push for this event to be supported again. We need a way to see when someone presses cancel on the prompt, and this deprecated event is already that way.


Yeah, though it’s bad practice to use or rely on deprecated API members.

I was reconsidering asking for the deprecation to be removed and instead for it to be considered legacy or for the method to be consolidated with PromptPurchaseFinished, since as the warning label states, there is no other way to check for product purchase window closes.

That’s probably what I’ll do.

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I can speak to this inconsistency since I wrote these - It’s deprecated for the reason that it shouldn’t be used for purchase validation (this is why it is deprecated), but I’m guessing that it is still useful for detecting the prompt closing (which is why it’s not gone - yet?). As Extuls said, it’s mentioned here only because it is the only way to detect this dialogue closing.

Although it’s not in my jurisdiction to remove the deprecation mark, I think the docs are satisfactory as-is. Perhaps I could make a bigger warning of “Hey don’t use this for processing purchases, EVER”


I’m super confused by this…

Both of these events say they pass in an “isPurchased” parameter, meaning both are useful for detecting the same thing, right? So there’s no reason to use the deprecated event over PromptPurchaseFinished, right?

The way it’s written seems like the article on PromptPurchaseFinished wants me to use PromptProductPurchaseFinished, and the article on PromptProductPurchaseFinished wants me to use PromptPurchaseFinished… Which one do I use!?

I’m assuming because PromptProductPurchaseFinished is marked as deprecated, it shouldn’t ever be used for new work?

Edit: Nevermind, I guess PromptPurchaseFinished is broken? It doesn’t seem like that reading the wiki article, maybe the information can be adjusted to make this more apparent.

On the other hand, the bug should really just be fixed in the first place: PromptProductPurchaseFinished is depreciated, but PromptPurchaseFinished does not fire for Developer products #878 - #12 by DataBrain

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