Need a scripter for my admin panel. ( UI is provided, R$ ) ( CLOSED )

Thank you to @Profess_ional for providing this UI (was edited a bit)

I am looking for a coder who can make this admin panel work.

I am paying via group funds, and anywhere between 5-10K robux. Please contact me
via DevForum PM and or on discord. Yeita#3506

Must be shown a working version of the admin panel before you’re payed.

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Can you give me that UI, I will script it and give you it again to show you it.

I’m interested, sent a devforum message.

Add me on discord. Discord is in the post

Wish I had it scripted :wink:

What do you mean? As-well I have so many people DM’ing me

I can get this scripted within a day or so, depends on how long I’ll stay up tonight. Adding you on discord now.

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Nah I’m kidding. Although I’m looking for someone to script it and release a scripted version open-source so I’d recommend you hold off a bit.

Though I needed to switch 2 functions so I dont think your open sourced version would help.

Which ones?

Dm me on DevForum so this thread isn’t locked for being off topic

Can later because I using my phone.

This offer is now closed. Thanks for being interested, if you still want a job, here’s a link to another project I need someone to work on!

Offer is closed. Please stop bumping this thread.