Need a triangular terrain plugin that can make a plot of land


So I’ve just recently been running into an issue with a plugin that I’ve depended on for my mapmaking, Databrain’s plugin here:

I’m unsure as to what issues this plugin is running into but I cannot fix it in any scenario. I’ve reinstalled it, attempted to insert it in different studios – did as much as I could, but to no luck. This is a pretty big setback for me because I need triangular terrain to come in a plot of land for me to utilize.

I wanted to ask if there were any alternatives to Databrain’s plugin in the meanwhile or a method to sort out this issue. I want to find plugins that can help give me a plot of triangles to work with, but if anyone knows how to avoid the error showing up in this plugin, let me know please!

Here’s the error message that keeps showing up, for anyone that may recognize it:

Please let me know if you have anything for me :slight_smile:

There is other plugin called triterrain

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I was summoned?

I’ve actually started working on v3 today aswell. ^^

Looks promising. Does this create a plot of land? I don’t really see it in the controls list

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New version does. ^^