TriTerrain v1B [ RELEASE ] - Update

Reintroducing: TriTerrain!

Quite some time ago I released an easy-to-use plugin: TriTerrain.
It was my first public Plugin and although it was handy; it needed some good ol’ attention to bring it to standard.

I would like to introduce you to: TriTerrain v1B.
This version has been completely rewritten and made from scratch & the main Ui has been restylized.

What features would you like to see implemented in v1C?

Update Log:

Simple improvements post release - Ability to hold mouse down to:

  • Create Triangles.
  • Recolour Triangles.
  • Change material of Triangles.


  • Changed layouts of the Widgets on Plugin bar:- New, Load & Generate.
  • Added the ability to Pre-generate flat Terrain.
  • Added the ability to adjust HSV in the “Paint” option.

How to use:

Once installed - You’ll open the Plug-in as per standard using the “Plugin” menu.
When enabled the Terrain you’re currently working on is updated in real-time. Allowing for the changing of Terrain and it’s shape.

Set up:

“New Terrain:”
This will create a NEW terrain file that you can edit.

“Load Terrain:”
Select a pre-existing Terrain from the TriTerrain folder located in “Terrain” in Workspace & this will load the terrain to be edited.



1: Node –
Create a new node. - Nodes are used to create Triangles.

2: Delete –
Delete existing Nodes / Triangles.

3: Triangle –
Create a Triangle by connecting (3) Nodes.
[ Best practice is to connect clock-wise. ]

4: Flip –
Should you encounter any issues when creating a triangle (i.e. Not matching) - You can flip the triangle’s vertices in attempt to match.

5: Move –
Move a pre-existing Node to a new Position.

6: Paint –
Recolour Triangles.

7: Material –
Change the material of Triangles.

8: Preview –
Hide all Nodes and preview the Triangle Terrain.

9: Publish –
Once finished, Publish the completed Terrain to Workspace.
[ Cannot be undone. ]


If you’re a fan of the work I produce and would like to offer a contribution, it would massively help the production of later projects! Thank you,


I think it would improve the ease of use, if it was maybe automatic?, and a UI upgrade definitely, but functionality - wise, it’s pretty alright, polygons start z - fighting with the baseplate, but it’s functional :+1:


v1B Publically released :-

What features would you like to see on v1C & what do you think will help improve this Plugin?


Can you link us the github documentation and source of this plugin?

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Hi - Sorry I’m not familiar with GitHub & sourcing out my code.
However, if you wish to view it I can either upload as a Solo model or just Import the Plugin into Studio using the CmdBar.

Is there any way to select multiple nodes at the same time?

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Not at the moment but is a feature I do plan to implement.

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The model doesn’t seem to be for sale yet. When will this be available?

ayo ur plugin made a brief appearance in a KreekCraft video

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