Need help how the example of Low, Mid, High Poly

Hey there developers!

I need a example of low, mid, high poly build just a image, I need the details and how much triangles it need.

As for ROBLOX Builds, many people have the misconception that low poly instantly means it cannot be realistic, but in truth, low poly builds are just a way to reduce load, and you can perfectly build realistic maps out of low poly models by using wisely your verts and triangles + the use of textures. But for the sake of demonstration I’ll also add what people commonly refer to when talking about low poly and high poly:

Low poly - Source

High poly - Source

As for the amount of triangles, it really depends, since obviously a glass of water won’t have the same amount of verts and triangles as an entire map.
Here’s a post on the devforum that could also help you with this matter What exactly is low poly and high poly?


Thank you for saying this. If only more people knew this :frowning: