Need Help On How To Make A Low Poly Car

Hello everyone, I’m TheBloxxyHunter and today I need some help on how I should approach making a low poly car. Me and my friend are making a prison game that will play and will mostly have the same building style as Jailbreak. We are right now working on making the car system and I have been tasked with making the car meshes. I want to make a 1990 Toyota Camry but it’s been really confusing for me. I’ve tried to use loop cuts and shape the car but things started to overlap a lot and beveling it didn’t turn out too well to say the least. Are there any better ways to make car models or am I just going to have to scrap this and work on other important things?

Edit: I want to make this clear for anyone else who has advice that I am using Blender 2.8.

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I recommend reading this post to start: Low-Polying Tutorial for Beginners: Low-Poly Basics

As for making the actual mesh, be creative and make it smooth.

I definitely would not recommend scrapping something like this in that sort of game as they are fairly essential (at least as far as games such as Jailbreak go). Try to make a general shape of the car you are going for and make it as smooth as possible, if it doesn’t quite look right under the lighting I’d suggest possibly just changing the lighting in your game as well. Don’t overcomplicate it, maybe try working on making low-poly buildings first and try to move that toward a car and keep the style consistent. Good luck, and keep us updated!

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Hello, maybe you could watch this video to help you out:

Hope this helped.

Update: After working a bit I have now finally made the car. Here’s a picture.