Low-Polying Tutorial for Beginners: Low-Poly Basics

Hello! Today we are gonna cover on how to make low-poly builds like these

What is low-poly?

Low poly means Low polygon (count), so basically in Roblox that would translate to less bricks. Gives more of a cartoony sort of feel. With Blender that would literally mean low polygon count in terms of the “mesh” of the model.

What you need

Blender - Making Low Poly Basics


Roblox - Studio Importing Low Poly


[Part One]
Making Polygons

  1. Load in Blender
    Once you load in blender,
    Use the key’s “SHIFT + A”, then Click on Mesh ‘Plane’
    To move in Blender, use the key SHIFT + F,

Use the keys ‘S’ to scale the ‘Plane’, Make it smaller
After that press TAB

After that, press CTRL + R to make a edge loop, make it what you want it, I reccomend doing it like this,

  1. Shaping the plane/terrain
    Use the move tool on each point using right click, and move it to your desired shape.
    NOTE: Keep in mind to not create super inverted angles as it would make weird shapes
    After shaping your terrain, press ‘A’ to select all,

    Once you have selected everything, press ‘E’ to make it low or up .
    Once you have made it low enough, press ‘S’ to scale it, press shift while you press S to make it finer, and drag your mouse to make it a nice shape.

  2. Recalculating the outside normals
    Press CTRL + N to recalculate the outside normals

[Part Two]

  1. Exporting the low-poly
    Click ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > ‘.obj’

  2. Exporting,

Save it anywhere really, name it anything and remember where you put the “.obj” file.

[Part Three]

  1. Importing the low polygon to roblox studio.

Open up roblox studio and make a meshpart,

  1. After that click on properties, open up MeshId.

  1. After that, click on your “obj/fbx” file,

  2. Once you have added your low poly to your game, anchor it and make it bigger.

Also once you have done those, you can play around with the colors like this.

You have now made your own low poly, good luck on making more.

I’m gonna update this topic frequently, gonna add more tutorials on this one

ANY bugs add me, astrovibes#8096

P.S If you do not know how to use blender properly, you can use this!

Blender Tricks & How-to


Thank you! This is a really great tutorial :smiley:


Very useful tutorial, especially when you have barely any experience in blender. :smile:


My computer is having trouble installing blender, But hey… you did a good job on this tutorial, I can’t wait to see more! I even bookmarked this topic so I can find it again with ease…

EDIT: Maybe you can make a tutorial on how to make a car?


Thank you! I will try my best to help you guys.


Nice tutorial. Quick question, on the colored mesh, how did you color the top portion to orange? Did you just create another object and placed it on top, or is there a way to grab a hold of the top portion of the model and color it?


What I did was: I duplicated the mesh and resized + recolored it to fit there.

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This man just told me how to use Blender.
And it worked well.
Props to you :wave:!


That’s a really terrible idea. Instead you should export parts of your mesh separately or use a colour palette texture and UV map your mesh around it.


Is this kind of functionality possible in Cinema4D? My PC is too crap to run Blender, and Cinema4D is one of the only mesh softwares out there that works well with low-end PCs. (Created somewhere in the 90s)

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Yes it is possible to make low poly with cinema4d (sorry for the late answer.)

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Great Tutorial, really needed. Could you do one on 3D modeling?


Erm, I might do one, it depends though on which topic as this is also how to model low poly.
We will see though ^^

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Amazing, although it’s a little outdated if you have the general concept/knowledge you’ll be able to understand this tutorial. Maybe you can make one with Blender 2.8 :slight_smile:


Building onto this. Many people love to create separate low poly items and import them into the game. While that has become the standard, I’ve actually found it easier to build a kit (of sorts) that contains basic low poly meshes. I use these meshes to build stuff in studio. I found the process to be easier and less painless. Nice tutorial.


Very useful, I am not a beginner but it Helped out my bro. Ty


This is why the knife tool is my fav

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I wish I came here when I started modeling i would learn much faster lol.