Need help on publishing a model

  • What are you attempting to achieve?
    I am publishing a model that I made.
  • What is the issue? Once the model is loaded, when I go to view it under models, it shows the back of the model instead of the front or side which does not capture a good image of what the model looks like
  • What solutions have you tried so far? I tried changing the direction of my view before clicking the publish model button, but it still seemed to grab the wrong view of the model.

I am including images of 2 models that both loaded with the back or side showing and then an image of what the model actually looks like from the front to show how drastic of a difference it is.

back of elevator
elevator screen shot
back of shop
shop screenprint

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Try the suggestions in this post:

Ok, Ive tried this twice now and it still isn’t changing the view correctly. The view stays the same as before, I must be doing something wrong. Will try again I suppose.

Thank You for the info… I had actually used the ViewPortFrame in another game for a different purpose but had not thought to do it for this.

I don’t see a way to just load a picture I do externally. I went into the model section to see if there was a spot to load an image and I could not find one.

To change the “thumbnail” of the model use ThumbnailCamera

Heres a video which explains what I mean pretty well Roblox Tutorial - How to make a perfect Model Thumbnail - YouTube