Need help with CFrame calculation

I’ve been trying to make a wave collision using a free module released on devforum:

i’m trying to calculate 3 points and rotate and x object between the 3 points, something like this:
but whitout creating the wedges.

what i’ve been tryed:

-- this is inside a while true loop
		local point1 = workspace.A.Position
		local point2 = workspace.B.Position
		local point3 = workspace.C.Position

		local frontVector = object.CFrame.lookVector
		local upVector = object.CFrame.upVector

		local cframe =, tick()/time):lerp(point3, tick()/time))
		cframe = cframe * CFrame.fromMatrix(, frontVector, upVector)

someone can help me with this?

You can get the center position by just averaging out the 3 points (finding the centroid):

local pos: Vector3 = (point1+point2+point3) / 3

And the rotation can be derived from the surface normal, which can be derived from cross product.

local normal: Vector3 = ((point2-point1):Cross(point3-point1)).Unit
--have it look at point1 with the UpVector being the normal
local cframe = CFrame.lookAt(pos, point1, normal)

Code used in the example above

local part1, part2, part3 = workspace:WaitForChild('p1'), workspace:WaitForChild('p2'), workspace:WaitForChild('p3')
local parent = script.Parent
	local p1, p2, p3: Vector3 = part1.Position, part2.Position, part3.Position
	local pos: Vector3 = (p1+p2+p3) / 3
	local normal: Vector3 = ((p2-p1):Cross(p3-p1)).Unit
	parent.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(pos, p1, normal)

god! thank you for helping me!

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