Need help with lights

Hi! I’m trying to make a game with a dark environment, but there is light around the object.
I don’t know how to explain it, there is like a circle around the player, where everything is normal,
but outside the circle it’s really dark.

I could basically just put a light around the player, but there is a lot of neon parts that would glow even if they were outside the circle.

How could I prevent the neon parts from glowing outside the circle?
Thanks. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to achieve, please ask and I’ll try to explain it better.


I might be able to help but I’m not sure if I understand. Can you send a screen shot?

I need to make the red part stop glowing if it’s not in the bright circle.

I could set the material to something else than neon, but that would cause it to immediatelly start to glow when just a small part of the neon part touches the circle. I need to make it at least smooth

In order to do this, I would put all the neon parts in a model then run through them in a local script and change the material if the player location - the part’s location is less than a certain amount (magnitude)

Yes, but that would seem like they just popped into existence when they get withing the range.

I want to make it look similiar to this:

Notice that only a half of the neon part is visible.

Neon is an emissive texture in Roblox. This means that, even in complete darkness, it will still shown as lit. There is no way around this without changing the material. Currently, Roblox does not provide a direct tool to partially emit a surface.

My proposed solution is to use BillboardGui to emulate a glow, and manipulate the contents inside that UI to make it appear as if light is being cut off. It takes a lot of work, however, and may only be worth it if it is coherent to the project.

Are you able to see anything in the distance?



I could maybe make the neon part darker when it is further away.

Ok, then maybe put a hollow sphere just outside the circle

Even with darker colors, it will not be affected by lighting.

OOOO i got the thing just for you, leme open up studio real quick

No, I mean literally black when it’s out of range.

Using Color3:lerp() I could maybe achieve what I want.

would something like this work?

You can use game.Lighting fog properties to do this, if you wish to, by making fogstart and fogend property equal.

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Yes! That’s exactly what I want. One problem is that maybe it won’t work when looking from above. I have a custom camera placed almost above the player with some offset on X and Z axes. Will it work from the above?

Yes, but the fog would only work for first person.

not sure but i can send u the model to try for your self