Need help with low glossy settings and getting rid of the reflections

Good morning everyone, so I have completely finished with my render, except im having a bit of an issue

As you can see, you can the light from the glossiness on the face and I was told to decrease the glossiness.

Also, you can see that the light is leaving a white reflection kind of thing on the hair,

Let me know if you can help me with this, that would be great!

Hello there,

I think u need to render it in EEVEE and not in Cycles! If you still want to render it u don’t need to use lights but I would say HDRI Backgrounds. This is a automatic light option for every render and it’s great!

This is my GFX And I did not used any lights but only added a HDRI Sky. It makes it a way more releastic etc!

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You could add a lightroom or use the tutorials i sent you earlier.

I could try the lightroom possibly. Do you know how that would work?

Eevee render option is then better or any HDRI Sky because its a automatic lighting render setting.

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Good one! This is too a option because the Quality is like better then Eevee but okay! I will look soon at this tip.


Thanks for the tutorial. Would I keep the glossiness as is and get rid of the lights that I currently have or would I have to change the glossiness?

Maybe use the old glossy tutorial a tiny bit but experiment with the light in the lightroom.

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Which old glossy tutorial is it? Did you happen to send it to me on one of my other posts?

Yes I did. Try both of the ones I sent in your last post.

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Also, nice gfx! It looks really good with the gloss

I’ll possibly try the HDRI background as well

also if u need any more help you can try this How to make a GFX!

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Ok I could use that too, but for now, I’ll work on the roblox character head pfps then maybe I’ll move on to your post and try that

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Okay but the characters are shiny, that’s unnatural.

That are ofcourse my own settings! U can choose by yourself if you want it normal. Or get it some more reflection. It’s different per person what they want ofcourse!

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