Need help with the lighting!

I’m Not_Recognized and i created this topic to ask for help. As you can see by this screenshot, i’m trying to make a realistic map but i’m missing some little details.

How can i make it so you can see the path of the light? like those lights in the background?

I’m truly sorry if i posted on the wrong part of the forum… I’m pretty new as a devforum member. Also, i apologies for my lack in grammar :frowning: My mother tongue is french and i’m aware that i might not be the best in english. I’m doing my best to improve though!


Its fine we all are sometimes you are on the right section on developer fourms the outside lighting maybe improve that to dark?

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The lights in the background have beam emitters under them - try searching “spotlight” or “light beam” in the toolbox

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What you’ve going is amazing so far. To get local lights just insert a light into a brick.

Yeah, you can inset lights as objects. Simply:

  • Right click an object in explorer
  • Select “Insert Object”
  • Search “Light”
  • Then select one of the three light choices.

From there on out, just adjust the settings until you’re happy, and continue making more by duplicating the parent.

There’s a video on lighting, global and local, but:


  • Skips over many essential features.
  • Doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time.
  • Sometimes he doesn’t even know what certain settings do.

But for absolute basics, watch his video with a pinch of salt.

Skip to 9:11 to avoid getting a headache.

Good luck. Hopefully this helped you.


What if i want to do it myself? Any tutorials?

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Thank you but that’s not what i’m looking for. I already know how to do that… What i meant is like a beam coming out as a light path. Not sure how it’s called

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Sorry, what’s a light path? I’m sort of confused. If you want the obvious cone shape to be more obvious than it already is, then:

  • Make a cone mesh
  • Place it under the light
  • Make it slightly transparent
  • Turn CanCollide off

Does this help you? You can try to type it in French if it would help.

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That gives an odd look to it, I believe he wants the fade/realistic type of one, the solution @xiayurei suggested will work the best in this case.

And if you need to:


It would’ve helped me but I don’t really like that idea. Already tried and it looks awful ;/

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Yes that’s what I’m looking for but i want to be able to do it myself! Just so i can improve my skills if you know what i mean… do you know any tutorials?

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There’s this post within the topic:

Try that.