Need help with tihs problem

Hi, I’m having a trouble with this module [Effect] v1.1 Lightning Beams: Seamless, smooth and procedurally animated with beam-like properties - #17 by Quasiduck I want to know how to make this appaer on server i tried asking this couple days ago but this is the answer i recieved : Graphical effects like this should be run from the client, not from the server. You can set up the module on the client and then have the server broadcast wherever effects need to happen, then pick that event up client-side and invoke the module with that. And Just require your module from server instead of client. I’m pretty confused with this, but i tried require it from server and i dosen’t seem to work. So pls help me out with this, I’m having so much trouble. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Could you let us know what you tried and what part didn’t work so we can try to pick it apart? It would be useful to include any code you have used to try and set it up, from both the client and the server side.

Sorry that i replied late, I’m trying to set it up.
Here’s the code.

local LightningBolt = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.LightningBolt)
local LightningSparks = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.LightningBolt.LightningSparks)
local LightningSparks1 = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.LightningBolt.LightningExplosion)
local DDDf
local P = game.Workspace.Part1.Attachment
local v = game.Workspace.Part2.Attachment
local v1 = game.Workspace.Part2
DDDf = true
local Count = 1

while wait(1) do
	while wait() do
		Count = Count + 1

		local NewBolt =, v, 10)--8.5
		--Then, update properties to your liking
		NewBolt.CurveSize0, NewBolt.CurveSize1 = math.random(-3,0.3), math.random(-0.5,3.8)
		NewBolt.PulseSpeed = 4
		NewBolt.PulseLength = 0.65
		NewBolt.FadeLength = 0.25
		NewBolt.MaxRadius = 2  --35, 29, 53
		--local ColorOrder = {, 0.529412, 0.278431),, 0.113725, 0.207843),, 0.529412, 0.278431),, 0.529412, 0.278431),, 0.113725, 0.207843)}
		NewBolt.Color =, 0.945098, 1)
		--94, 247, 255  --102, 165, 156




			for i,v12 in pairs(v1:GetChildren()) do

				if v12:IsA("Attachment") and v12.Name ~= "ABase" and v12.Name ~= "Attachment" then
					local NewBolt1 =, v12, 7)
					--Then, update properties to your liking
					NewBolt1.CurveSize0, NewBolt1.CurveSize1 = math.random(-4,4), math.random(-4,4)
					NewBolt1.PulseSpeed = 4
					NewBolt1.PulseLength = 0.5
					NewBolt1.FadeLength = 0.25
					NewBolt1.MaxRadius = 1  --35, 29, 53
					NewBolt1.Color =, 0.945098, 1)
					local D =
					--0.435294, 0.945098, 1
					D.Color =, 0.945098, 1)



		if Count == 12 then --111, 241, 255
			Count = 1



And then i used another remoteevent to fireclient the upper one


And i just fireserver it again in the local script

Oh i’m sorry, i forgot the code.